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Our  Products


Used in Urinals in Restrooms
Plastic Screen for large residue
Prevents foul odors
Prevents calcification
Sanitized and keeps pipes clear
Biological catalysts

• Up to 60 days before
• GMO free
• Menthol Fragrance

• Natural Tablets with biological
• Degrades any organic residue
clogging pipelines
• Removes foul odors
• Sanitizing septic tanks, cess
pools, sewage networks

• 1 per drain point
• Once every two weeks
• Reduces pipeline maintenances

Liquid Product
Natural Insect Repellant
Chases insects away
Sprayed onto surfaces such as
tables, walls
• Can be diluted with water or
sprayed on concentrate

• Citronella Fragrance
• Recommended for outdoor

• Powder form
• To be applied in all types of
trash cans
• Reduces foul odors
• Sanitizes by removal of germs
• Dosage depends on volume of
trash can

• Prevent malodors from
penetrating into service areas
• Prevent bacteria and pathogens
from affecting surroundings

Products  of  European  Origin

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