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With a population of 1,604,000 as of 2007, Marseille is that the secondlargest town in France and favorite port. Marseille takes pride in its
uniqueness and variety. so it's not just like the rest of France; being the key
entranceway from Africa, it's a Mediterranean flavor which will inform you a lot
of of Africa than Europe.
Marseille is by far the oldest town in France, chemical analysis back 2500
years. Its rough and tumble history remains evident nowadays. several
travelers could take into account Marseille to be a little of a dirty and rough
place, however at a similar time it's going to even be seen as a colourful,
exciting town. Marseille has recently been upgrading and smartening its
image once decades of decay and decline. A new completed train link to
Paris may be a huge boost for town, and plenty of buildings square measure
being restored.
The old Port is that the main harbor and dockage of town. Fort St. Nicholas
and Fort St. Jean are 2 huge forts that guard this section of town. At the tip of
the harbor is that the site of the daily fish market. conjointly lining the
waterfront are dozens of cafés and restaurants, as this space is one in every
of the most places to eat town.
The Central bourse and also the adjacent Rue St. Ferreol District is the main
shopping district in Marseille. conjointly within the Central bourse is the
Marseille Historical depository, that contains a preserved hull of a sixth
century boat moreover as Greek and Roman historical artifacts and records.
different noteworthy museums embody The Musee Cantini, that features art
work related to Marseille moreover as modern Art and includes some
Picassos. The Musee de la Mode is a fashionable fashion depository that
includes over 2000 styles covering the past thirty years roughly.
Marseille's best known landmark is the Basilica of Notre Dame de la Garde,
that stands on a hill high higher than town to the south of the port. it's known
for the large gilded sculpture of the Madonna and kid which may be seen for
miles bent ocean.
Also price visiting is that the lupus erythematosus Painer section, that
features narrow stone streets and stairways. This space was dynamited
heavily by the Nazis seeking to free the world of resistance fighters and Jews.
abundant of the spirit and energy of the region has survived but, as well as
the attractive 17th-century edifice de Ville.
There are innumerous lovely previous buildings to be loved in Marseille. a

number of the a lot of notable ones square measure the Abbey of St. Victor,
La Vielle Charite and also the house.
Tourist coming for their Visit to Marseille can hire a car from Car Hire
Marseille Train Station for hassle free travel and enjoyment in the city.

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