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Montpellier most beautiful city in South France
In the Montpellier polygon stores East, vol. Allées du Nouveau Monde, Antigone and
Ricardo Bofill has built Antigone district, which extends into the river Lez and is an
example of postmodern architecture.

Music of Saint-Guilhem le Désert
This annual two-month festival runs from late June to late July and focused on Baroque
music. There is usually more than 10 concerts, they are at the heart of the Show choir and
piano and organ recital, which took place in the monastery of Saint-Guilhem le Désert and
the camera. Art exhibitions are also created to coincide with the Festival.

Festival de Radio France
The annual Festival takes place over three weeks from mid-July to early August and
includes more than eighty evening and night shows. Many major events, including the
Opera and classical music concerts.
Some venues, including theatres, cathedrals, churches and abbeys, local use.

16 km/10 mi sur Montpellier is the old port, which was completely destroyed by Maguelone
Louis XIII in 1632, leaving only XII c. Catedral de St-Pierre is relatively unaffected. The
West door has a beautiful and contains a sarcophagus c. XV.

Le Caylar-Labiel cave
This is the underground river just on the Larzac du Causse, which are open to the public.
There is evidence that it was inhabited by Neolithic man, although it was a cheese factory
at the end of the last century. An updated exploration at the site began in the 1980 's and
continues to this day.
The cave covers the prehistoric Gallery, crystal formations, calcite crystals, waterfalls,
stalagmites and columns.

St Bauzille de Putois-fairy Grotto
This spectacular cavern 120 meters long and 52 meters high, filled with rich decorations,
has been called the "underground cathedrals". There are many limestone in a beautiful
form, as well as colorful stalactites, stalagmites, curtains and waterfalls.

Cave Clamouse, St Jean de Fos
This large cave discovered in 1945 and opened to the public in 1964. The cave is almost 4
km long and is known throughout the world for speleothems (calcite and terlarutnya
interest) as well as his many notes and soda straws are eccentric.
Lighting and mood of the music has been added to the cave.

Château de Castries
Aqueduct to 7 km in length to extract water from the Château de Castries to garden Grotto.
Two swimming pools are filled with water. In addition to a terrace with a view of the House
is a swimming pool and even more, a forest.

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