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Indo-French Cultural Centre
24, College Road,
Nungambakkam, Chennai

September 2013

This is a highlight of the monthly events. Please check our complete activities on www.
To register to the newsletter, send your request to



Music’Alliance Festival 2013 - A Musical Season
NORIG - A Gypsy Music Concert

The songs of the gypsies are as much a murmur, a cry, a call, an incantation,
where joy and melancholy restlessly mingle. Norig’s powerful voice, which
ranges from that of a child to a woman in her prime, is best celebrated on stage.
In the spotlight, she is free to show the full intensity of her talent and the beauty
of gypsy music.
Upcoming Music’Alliance concerts: October 20th and December 14th

Time: 7:30 pm
Venue: Museum Theatre,


Venue: Edouard Michelin
Auditorium, AFM

Japanese Film Festival
The Consulate General of Japan and the Madras Film
Society present four films:

- Always - Sunset on Third Street 3 (Sep 9 - 6.45 pm),

- Quartet (Sep 10 - 5 pm),

- Robo-G (Sep 10 - 7 pm),

- Wanko, the Story of Me, My Family and Rock (Sep 11 - 6.30 pm)
Inauguration on Sep 9 – 6.15 pm by Ms. Meena, Cine artist



Venue: Edouard Michelin
Auditorium, AFM

Cine-Club: Les femmes du 6eme étage
In French with English subtitles
2010 - Col - 104 min - Comedy
Director: Philippe Le Guay
Cast: Fabrice Luchini, Sandrine Kiberlain, Natalia Verbeke
Paris, in the early 1960s. Jean-Louis Joubert is a serious but uptight stockbroker,
married to Suzanne, a starchy class-conscious woman. The affluent man lives a
steady yet boring life. At least until, due to fortuitous circumstances, Maria, the
charming new maid at the service of Jean-Louis’ family, makes him discover the
servants’ quarter on the sixth floor of the luxury building he owns and lives in.

12/09/2013 at 7.30 pm
22/09/2013 at 5.00 pm



Workshop on directing a play
By Koumarane Vallavane
Staging a play involves a series of questions on the intention, motivation,
dramaturgy, structures of presentation, directing actors and scenography.
When one directs a play, it is important to listen and to choose…
Upon registration only.
For entry please contact:

Time: 9 am - 6 pm
Venue: Edouard Michelin
Auditorium, AFM

Koumarane Vallavane is the director of the theatre troupe based in Pondichery,


Time: 7 pm
Venue: Edouard Michelin
Auditorium, AFM

La Nuit / The Night
A play in French written and played by Cordis Paldano
“The opposite of love is not hate, it’s indifference. The opposite of art is not
ugliness, it’s indifference. The opposite of faith is not heresy, it’s indifference.
And the opposite of life is not death, it’s indifference” - Elie Wiesel.
Before he heads to France to pursue higher studies, the Alliance Française is
proud to present the work of one of its own, Cordis Paldano.
We support him in his initiative and look forward to see him return with rich
experiences…and full of new projects



Block your date for the Diamond
Jubilee of the AFM
This year marks the 60th anniversary of the Alliance Française of Madras!
To celebrate its success over the years, the Indo-French organization will
present a series of events in October – dance, music, circus…
Upcoming events: 16th October - 19th October

Venue: Museum Theatre,

As an Indo-French Cultural Center, the Alliance Française of Madras is working to promote the links between France and India.
It’s an Indian Society, affiliated to the Foundation Alliance Française whose headquarters is based in Paris.
The Alliance Française of Madras is supported by the French Embassy in India.

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