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Chapter 10: Guide to Our Services
The President’s National Export Initiative aims to double exports over five years by
marshaling Federal agencies to prepare U.S. companies to export successfully,
connect them with trade opportunities, and support them once they do have
exporting opportunities.
The Economic and Commercial Section of the U.S. Embassy Tunis - a Partner Post of
the U.S. Commercial Service - offers customized solutions to help your business enter
and succeed in markets worldwide. Our global network of trade specialists will work
one-on-one with you through every step of the exporting process, helping you to:
Target the best markets with our world-class research
Promote your products and services to qualified buyers
Meet the best distributors and agents for your products and services
Overcome potential challenges or trade barriers
Gain access to the full range of U.S. government trade promotion agencies and
their services, including export training and potential trade financing sources
To access a wealth of information about the Tunisian market specifically targeted to U.S.
businesses, please visit:
For more information on the services the U.S. Commercial Service offers to U.S.
exporters, please click on the following link:
U.S. exporters seeking general export information/assistance or country-specific
commercial information can also contact the U.S. Department of Commerce's Trade
Information Center at (800) USA-TRAD(E).

To the best of our knowledge, the information contained in this report is accurate as of the date
published. However, The Department of Commerce does not take responsibility for actions
readers may take based on the information contained herein. Readers should always conduct
their own due diligence before entering into business ventures or other commercial
arrangements. The Department of Commerce can assist companies in these endeavors.

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