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Projet Java .pdf

Nom original: Projet Java.pdf
Titre: Microsoft PowerPoint - english
Auteur: asus

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Noah and His Ark
Orangutan Saving Program
Dr. Francine Neago MD
Prof. Sambas Sabarnurdin

The rehabilitation centers in Kalimantan
and Sumatra are already full
Already Full

Rehabilitation Center

The impact of the full
rehabilitation centers
Black Market

Death because of lack of milk

Two main steps to
First step: The saving of baby apes
Move the baby apes to the new rehabilitation center
in Bantul-Yogyakarta

Raise the
baby apes

Teach the
baby apes
Eight year old apes

Second Step
Take care of disabled adults
Bring disabled adults from centers of rehabilitation
in Kalimantan and Sumatra to Wanagama-Yogyakarta

Centers in Kalimantan & Sumatra

WANAGAMA Rehabilitation

Site Plan

The center will not be opened to the public nor schools

Facilities in The rehabilitation

for baby apes
Artificial Islands and boats
Cages for quarantine
Fruit tree nursery
Farm: goats for milk

Facilities in The rehabilitation center (cont…)

School (animal
Houses for professors
Houses for workers

Man Power
Foreign workers

Local workers

2 Doctors

3 Gardeners

1 Veterinarian

2 Chefs

3 Voluntary assistants

1 Cleaning service

2 Voluntary assistants to
teach the Apes to use
English, spelling on the

5 Local volunteers
1 Translator

Cooperation with Institutions
Local institution
Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono X
The Sultan of Jogja

Prince Yudhaningrat
The owner of the zoo

Kebun Binatang Gembira Loka
Where we will send the students

R.M. Sasito Poerwonegoro
Sultan’s uncle as supervisor

BKSDA Cabang Yogyakarta
Government confiscation officers

Cooperation with institutions
University in Jogja
Universitas Gadjah Mada
Prof. Sambas Sabarnurdin
Dekan Fakultas Kehutanan
Dean of Forestry

Dr. Satyawan Pudyatmoko, S.Hut., M.Sc
Dean specialized in ethology

Action plans for one year


Preparation of center
The baby apes start coming
Teach language and raise the baby apes
BBC documentary
Prepare school of Ethology
Opening of school for Ethology

Financial Planning
Funds needed for the first year
Financial sources

571.428 US $

Sponsors and donors
Wildlife Conservation International Agencies
International Animal Societies
Foreign Zoos
Private donors
Funding from BBC documentary
Adopt an ape program
Adopt a fruit tree program

Long term funding
The School of ethology will produce revenue :

2.025.550 US
Per year

The revenue will come from:
Ethology courses
Post graduate PhD
Veterinarian courses

English course for the apes

This program will be self sustaining

Guaranty of Transparancy
We will give a 3 months report

If You Wish to Contribute, please contact:
I Made Suartha
Bank Central Asia (BCA Bank)
ACC No. 1350 – 122717
Swift code CENAIDJA
Jalan Raya Ubud Bali Indonesia

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