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You are in danger ,
Judge for yourself this falsification of the prophecies about the crucifixion in the Bible , as Jesus said in John
2.13 , " My people have committed two evils : they have forsaken me, the fountain of living waters ,
and he dug tanks split and does not hold water "
is the book "

and the verses announcing the contrary by saying that Jesus was
crucified, contain contradictions and clear evidence of falsification as the example given in the text below show,
and show that Jesus was never crucified as shown in the verses that show that in the Bible and which is no
conflict , and show that Jesus was saved by God.


Judge for yourself this falsification of the prophecies about the crucifixion in the Bible!
The prophecy of Isaiah quoted a descendant of Ishmael by his ancestors saying in Isai 42.1 Behold my servant ,
whom I uphold, my chosen , in whom my soul delights . I have put my spirit upon him: he shall bring forth
judgment to the Gentiles . and ... in the same prophecy in verse 42.11 " Let the wilderness and its cities lift up
their voice ! The villages that Kedar occupied by raising their voices (and as you can see, Kedar is the second
son of Ishmael as Genesis says 25.13 The names of the son of Ishmael , by their names , according to their
generations : Nebajoth first firstborn of Ishmael, Kedar , Adbeel , Mibsam ) . It is obvious to all that Kedar and
Ishmael are not the ancestors of Jesus, and yet , those who wrote the Gospel of Matthew falsely attributed this
prophecy Isaiah Jesus repeating the word in Matthew 12:17 that it might be fulfilled which was spoken by the
prophet Isaiah : 12.18 Here is my servant whom I have chosen , my beloved in whom my soul is well pleased . I
will put my Spirit on him , and he shall shew judgment to the Gentiles . And this obvious to warrant at a price
crucifixion of Jesus denied the serious mistakes made by dying crucified against God himself , showing that
falsification can in no way be Jesus and contradicted by numerous contradictions each step accounts of the
crucifixion of the four gospel from beginning to end, as you can see by validating the link in the address box of
your browser , , showing that those who wrote these gospels are not the apostles of Jesus,
but strangers who have not even had the benefit of accounts of Jesus' apostles that there is no inconsistency ,
which means that the unknown authors of the gospels lived only long after the time of Jesus' apostles and have
never attended the crucifixion they speak with as much conflict between them, which shows that they are far
from being sure of what they say and it is confirmed the serious mistakes made by dying crucified against God
himself , showing that he is not Jesus , and 10 categories of evidence and all the words in the Bible that do not
suffer any contradiction , as this book shows , the unknown authors of the Bible and falsified the Bible, falsely
attributing their stories with many contradictions to Jesus and his apostles , which is pure falsification , while
all the evidence in the Bible with no contradiction shows that they clearly indicate the Comforter, the Holy
Spirit, the Spirit of truth , as this book shows so undeniable , recalling verse by verse all the teachings of Jesus,
which are recognized by the fact that it suffer no injustice or contradiction , the 10 Commandments of the
Bible, then supplementing with over 700 commands , showing in all areas that are injustices in the banning and
training people so that it can respect them, thus fulfilling the prophecy of Isaiah , teaching and more all things ,
the solutions of the current global crisis and the elimination of all the injustices of the world , in accordance
with the prophecy of Jesus according to John 14:26 "When he comes, he will remind you that I told you and
teach you all things ;
All the verses in the Bible or the prophecies say that the crucifixion took place , or who support Paul's words in
the Bible , who founded Christianity today from the Council of Nicea in the 4th century , these verses , without
exception, contain contradictions show that these books have been tampered with by the name of Jesus'
apostles , so that they do not contradiction , and that they saw Jesus saved by God before their eyes as a result
of his prayers not to be crucified, and that is the one who comes , Judas , according to the Bible, that God has
the appearance of Jesus, who was killed instead of Jesus, as the Apostle Jude testified and confirmed the faults
is crucified at the time of death , against God himself , who also show that it is not Jesus who was crucified
Here 12 categories of evidence which suffer no contradictions , not to mention all the other verse in the Bible
that are in the same case and you can see from the book :
1) The prophecies of Isaiah that justify the crucifixion of Jesus in the Gospels in Matthew 12:14 to 21, means a
descendant of the second son of Ishmael according to Genesis 25.13 , yet they have been tampered with in
Matthew 12:14 to 21 by assigning Jesus while Jesus was not a descendant of Ishmael , and all the other
prophecies attributed to Jesus to justify his crucifixion were subjected to the same types of forgeries , which
shows with other evidence, that the crucifixion of Jesus was not occurred, someone else was in its place as a
result of his prayers to be saved from it . (page 22)
2 ) On the contrary, many prophecies , including those of Psalms 34.20 to 21, and many others that you will
encounter while reading the book , announced that Jesus will never crucified and God will always save his

difficulties , without he suffered no harm (page 23)
3) The words of the crucified , which are an offense to God , show that Jesus was not crucified , and this is
confirmed by all other evidence (page 24)
4) The apostles of Jesus, who fled in Mark 14.50 and Matthew 26.56 and therefore could in no way witnessed
the crucifixion, especially since Jesus had been saved by God before their eyes by raising the sky as Barnabas
(called Jude ) has testified , and as all the evidence with no contradiction confirmed, and yet the stories of Jesus'
crucifixion is told from beginning to end with a contradiction each step between the Gospels , as shown by the
following evidence in the Gospels of Mark and Matthew, while there have not attended the crucifixion, which
shows that they are not the ones who wrote the Gospels But that bear their name . (page 24)
5) As shown in this document address , this is confirmed by the many contradictions that all
four Gospels has , Mark, John , Matthew and Luke , every step of the stories crucifixion, from the beginning to
the end of the four gospels , which shows that it is not Jesus' apostles who wrote the gospels that bear their
names , and strangers who have written, did not attend the crucifixion, and could benefit from the stories
without contradiction of Jesus 'apostles , so the authors of the Gospels lived long after the time of Jesus'
apostles , and could in no way know if the crucifixion took place or not (page 25)
6) According to Mark 14.34 , Jesus was sad to die, and if he had come to his sacrifice used to save humanity ,
he would not be sad to die, because its purpose as that sent of God to be the cause for God to save the most
people and real life is eternal life, that life is a test to select the best servants of God to heaven (page 29)
7) This is confirmed by Mark 14:36 to 39 , Matthew 26.36 , Luke 22 . 40-44 , where Jesus prays three times to
not be killed , which shows that he did not come to sacrifice by leaving crucified so that mankind may be saved
from hell, because if it was true, it would have been rather happy to leave this world taking with him all
mankind to eternal paradise , this and all other evidence, show that this belief in the sacrifice of the blood of
Jesus saved mankind is false (page 30)
8) God always hears the prayer of a believer and never rejects , this is even more true for Jesus, and as Jesus
said in mathieu 26.53 , it was about to be fulfilled , and it shows that Jesus will not be crucified, as the
prophecies of psalms above and all other prophecies with no injustice have claimed (page 30)
9) This is confirmed by the fact that an angel came to Jesus reassured concerning the fulfillment of his
prayers , because the angels move only on God's orders , and it shows that God decided to Jesus and saved it
will not be killed by his enemies as all the evidence shows (page 30)
10) This is confirmed by the testimony of barnabas ( Jude the Apostle act in 15.22 ) , who attended all these
events with Jesus in his true gospel found after and should have been canonized instead of the four Gospels
canonized by the church as they have many traces of tampering and many contradiction as you see , Barnabas
confirms that God has sent four angels raised Jesus to heaven with an appearance of Jesus to Judas who has
delivered according to the Bible , and the soldiers took to the crucified and these stories are consistent with all
the other evidence that is no conflict , and to show that Jesus was never crucified (page 31)
11) This is confirmed by the testimony of God himself, who is infinitely worthy of confidence and control of all
things, which is retrieved from the realization , verse by verse of all the prophecies of Jesus on the comforter
that you can see in the second part of the book , and it makes much prophecies of Jesus was never crucified (32
12) The apostles of Jesus, immediately knowing he would get paradise dying to defend Jesus would never have
left in the hands of soldiers to be killed if they were not sure that Jesus had been saved by God , which is why
none of them had attended the crucifixion, as it would be a waste of time , especially as all the prophecies of
Jesus was to be crucified are falsification and apostles know the truth about it, as they are with Jesus (page 33)
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