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Schools with
Dual-Language Programs
P.S.  20  The  Clinton  Hill  School  
(718)-­‐834-­‐6744:  Grades  K-­‐1  (Brooklyn)  
P.S.  58  The  Carroll  School  
(718)  330-­‐9322:  Grades  K-­‐5  (Brooklyn)  
P.S.  84  The  Lillian  Weber  School  of  the  Arts        
(212)  799-­‐2534:  Grades  K-­‐5  (Manhattan)  
P.S.  110  The  Monitor  School  
(718)  383-­‐7600:  Grades  K-­‐3  (Brooklyn)  
P.S.  133  William  A.  Butler  School  
(718)  857-­‐4810:  pre  Grades  K-­‐3  (Brooklyn)  
New  York  French-­‐American  Charter  School  
(212)  666  4134:  Grades  K-­‐5  (Manhattan)  
M.S.  51  William  Alexander  Middle  School  
(718)  369-­‐7603:  Grades  6-­‐7  (Brooklyn)  
M.S.  256  Academic  &  Athletic  Excellence  
(718)  369-­‐7603:  Grades  6-­‐7  (Manhattan)  


can create your own
Dual Language Program!
Communities  of  French,  Francophone  
and  American  parents  have  had  
enormous  success  starting  French-­‐English  
DLPs  in  their  local  public  schools.    
If  you  are  interested  in  starting  a                
French-­‐English  DLP  near  you  please  visit  
www.newyorkinfrench.net  or  
www.efny.net  or  where  you  can  find  a  
downloadable  Roadmap  to  Creating  a  
Dual  Language  Program.  




In partnership with



New York City
Public Schools



The Brooklyn-Queens Bilingual Group

Why learn French in a DualLanguage Program?
Over  220  million  people  in  
approximately  50  countries  around  
the  world  speak  French.  Students  who  
are  fluent  in  French  are  more  
competitive  for  academic  and  
professional  opportunities  worldwide.    
Bilingualism  increases  mental  
flexibility  for  children.  Bilinguals  will  
have  two  or  more  words  for  a  single  
object,  concept  or  idea.  
Children  who  study  a  second  language  
score  higher  on  verbal  standardized  
tests  conducted  in  English.  Bilingual  
children  also  perform  better  in  math  
and  logic  skills  than  children  with  just  
one  language.  


Learning  a  second  language  helps  
children  build  self-­‐esteem,  creativity,  
problem-­‐solving  skills,  and  math  ability.    
Bilingual  children  maintain  a  strong  
sense  of  their  own  identity  while  
developing  sensitivity  towards  other  
people  and  cultures.  
Speaking  French  is  not  a  requirement  
for  Anglophone  parents.  The  Dual  
Language  Programs  in  public  schools  
welcome  all  families  interested  in  the  
French  language—regardless  of  their  
own  personal  experience.    

For  more  information  visit:  

The Brooklyn-Queens Bilingual Group is
comprised of individuals who are eager to
promote and to incorporate the French
language in NYC public schools. We
strongly believe that a bilingual education
offers children countless opportunities.
We have observed the enormous success
of existing Dual-Language programs in
many public schools, now we are joining
the bilingual revolution to create similar
programs in more schools throughout
East Brooklyn and Southeast Queens.
(347) 614-0260
Information Sessions:
October 26 at 3:00 PM
Queens Library
218-13 Linden Blvd, Cambria Heights
November 16 at 4:00 PM
Brooklyn College
New Ingersoll Hall Room 133
2900 Bedford Ave.

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