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Health and safety management systems 2 –
B.P: 15779 Douala - Akwa (à prox.Dir.Générale d'Activa)

Phone: 33 61 44 14 / 75 40 15 53 / 93 03 32 97 E-mail:


Volume No. 3

Health and safety
systems 2 –
This training is about
managers in businesses, or
other organizations, setting
out clear responsibilities and
lines of communications for
everyone in the enterprise.

The organization needs to be
clearly communicated and
people need to know what
they are responsible for in
the day-to-day operations.

Safety first !!!
The safety culture of an
organization is the product
of individual and group
values, attitudes,
perceptions, competencies
and patterns of behavior
that determine the
commitment to, and the
style and proficiency of, an
organizations health and
safety management.

At the end of this Training, you would be able to:
Outline the organizational health and safety roles and
responsibilities of employers, directors and managers
Explain the concept of health and safety culture and its
Outline the human factors which influence behaviour at work in
a way that can affect health and safety
Explain how health and safety behaviour at work can be
Outline the need for emergency procedures
Outline the requirements for, and effective provision of, first aid
in the workplace

Training Date : 16&17 Oct. 13
Training Time: 8 AM - 5 PM
Training Place: Authentis Cameroon Akwa
Price: 150 000 F.CFA

CALL NOW: 33 61 44 14
75 56 72 24
97 70 15 18
Let us Save your Business - Save the Life - Save the Future one

Phone: 33 61 44 14 / 75 40 15 53 / 93 03 32 97 E-mail:

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