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Em-1 helps
August 29th 2013
I fell in a dirty drain and cut my left arm on some
broken tiles.
It bled profusely. I'm immediatly sprayed the wounds with EMAS
which I use to clean my bathroom. Dilution : 4/10.
I visited the doctor the next day.
She was surprised: my wound was very clean.
She said I should have had stiches the previous day.
She verified there were no particles inside the wounds,
cleaned the injuries with betadine and closed with fine sticking
During the healing process at home, I used
EM-1 only to clean the cuts.
Didier MARAVAL – kk.em.didier@gmail.com

Day 3

Day 6

Day 7

Day 7- Arm

Day 7- Hand

Day 9 - Hand

Day 9 - Arm

Day 12 - Hand

Day 12 - Arm

Day 19 - Arm

Day 19 - Hand

From this: Day 3


To this: Day 19

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