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DW • 2


Global developments such as climate change, dwindling
resources and increasing urbanisation call for fresh solutions.
BMW i is finding those solutions. The brand stands for visionary
vehicle concepts, inspiring design and a new understanding of
premium that is strongly defined by sustainability.

LA ReIne de LA CÔte BeLGe
Enter the carbon age. / FoR sALe
A VendRe
supeRBe studIo à LA pLAGe
Exceptionally high standards of sustainability and resource efficiency have been achieved

in the selection of materials and production processes employed. This is the first time that
carbon has been used in automotive volume production. The body structure of the BMW
i3 consists entirely of this extremely lightweight and durable material, allowing the extra

The world, and with it
the sphere of personal mobility,
is in a state of ecological,
economic and social upheaval.

1 Edito
2 Summary
Germany and the EU: a new cycle?
The impact of Merkel’s success on the Eurozone
Angela, la véritable Reine d’Europe
The Next Europe
Dossier spécial: CHINE

Interview with H.E. The Ambassador of the People’s Republic of

China to the European Union, Mr. Wu Hailong

China-EU Relations : Facts & Figures

2013 National Day Reception / 2013 Mid-Autumn Open
House Day

Brussels Diplomatic Academy, Interview with Professor

Geeraerts and Gunter Gaublomme for the BICCS

A Diplomatic Parable ?, by Bart Dessein, Ghent University

China’s Unmatched Influence in Central Asia, by Martha Brill

Olcott, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

Rising China, sinking Russia. In a vast region, China’s economic

clout is more than a match for Russia’s, by The Economist

La Calligraphie: l’écriture au temps des Dynasties Chinoises

De la Chine à la NASA: Histoire de la porcelaine

Confucius: Sur la voie de la sagesse
Interview with H.E. The Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of

Iran to The Kingdom of Belgium, the E.U. and the Grand Duchy of

Luxembourg, Mr. Mahmoud Barimani
Ashton proposes changes in EEAS Review, by Fraser Cameron,

Cambre public relations & public affairs
“We must build our house upon a rock. We must lay a new

foundation for growth and prosperity.” Parable of the Sermon

on the Mount, Barack Obama
People: Ladies Night au Cercle Gaulois

Interview with Peter Hustinx, European Data Protection

Cybercrime – The Judicial Challenge, by Harri Tiesmaa,

National Member for Finland, Chair of the Task Force on

Cyber crime, Eurojust

Interview de Marc Hürner, fondateur de FIP, Financial

Intelligence & Processing

Interview with Ari Epstein, CEO of Antwerp World

Diamond Centre (AWDC)

NATO: Projects for the future
Person of Interest: Ban Ki-Moon, Secrétaire Général de l’ONU
Politique et Ethique, par Mark Eyskens, ministre d’état
High-Class Diplomatic Residence for sale
50ème anniversaire de la mort de Robert Schuman par la

Fondation Robert Schuman
We can stop Syria by using lessons from Iraq, by Jessica T.

Mathews, President of the Carnegie Endowment for

International Peace, The Washington Post
People: ECSA The 8th edition of the

Diplomatic Security Conference
Dossier spécial: DRONES

Les drones dans le civil

Et la loi dans tout ça ? Le Soir

Interview with Wim Forceville, CEO of Coptermotion

The development of drones and their use in the civil and

military fields, by Alfredo Roma
Germany dilemma, by Der Spiegel
Histoire d’un Véto
Le recul de la compétitivité de la France
People: CIDIC Awards du Forum de la Diplomatie
Freedom is never for free
Motors: BMW i3. A new era of mobility starts today.
La Syrie, un vrai problème... par Max Wegener
‘‘ Le plat pays qui est le mien ‘‘
Bruxelles ‘‘ Orange Mécanique ’’ ? La Réalité Criminalistique

Bruxelloise, par Alain Destexhe
TAP ushers in a new era in EU–Azerbaijani relations par Boris

Dis moi quelle est ta plaque, je te dirais qui tu es.
Affaire de Bières au coeur de l’Europe
The Romantik Hotel Schloss Mondsee
Diplomatic World’s book selection

weight of the batteries for the electric drive system to be cancelled out.

In the BMW i3 – the first series-produced model by BMW i –
zero-emission mobility in a premium car package proves to be
a recipe for pure driving pleasure. The first BMW Group model
running on electric power alone offers customers totally new
and groundbreaking ways to experience driving pleasure, sustainability and connectivity on city roads.
The visionary design of the BMW i3 showcases both BMW’s
customary sporting capability and the efficiency of a four-seater
with authentic clarity. Its innovative vehicle concept, including
a passenger compartment made from carbon-fibre-reinforced
plastic (CFRP), combines lightness, stability and safety with
extraordinary spaciousness. Meanwhile, the driver assistance

Les pieds dans le sable

systems and mobility services from BMW Connected Drive and
the 360° ELECTRIC services – all developed specially for BMW i
– turn zero-emission urban mobility into a compelling everyday
driving experience.

A design emphasizing lightness and dynamism.
coucher de soleil, vu du studio

A powerfully formed front apron, eye-catching colour combinations and a fresh interpretation of hallmark BMW
features are the headline elements of the front end. In the centre stands the distinctively styled BMW kidney grille,
which has a blue- or silver-coloured surround (depending on the body colour). The headlights display an individual
character and are framed by U-shaped LED light units.
The BMW i3’s distinctive proportions and extremely short front and rear overhangs are also a clear pointer to its
nimble driving characteristics. Large glass surfaces imbue the i3 with a compelling lightness and, together with its
exposed carbon structures, lend visual expression to the car’s low weight.

Sur le coin de la Digue de mer, face à la
mer et au soleil, excellente localisation:Atoutcoeurs, BMW Belux, British School of Brussels, Dayekh Gems, Dayekh Jewelrésidence ‘ZON en ZEE’
lery, De Cuyper Brothers, D’Ieteren Auto - Volkswagen, Direct Way, Galeria INNO,
GIMMO, Godiva, ING, La revue du vin de France, Mercedes House, Music Hall, Soda
Splendide studio neuf à 30 mètres de la plage. Les pieds dans le sable! Très lumineux!
Stream, Stevenart Bijouterie, UGC Belgium
Au soleil avec une magnifique vue sur la mer.
Ambiance délicieuse. Ondes positives. Building neuf, 4ième étage (ascenseur). Restaurants aux alentours, tous commerces (poi-

oys ter perpe tua l yacht- ma s ter ii

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