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Super-efficient pull-cord
cover operates both Power
Chef™ System & Chop ’N
Prep Chef
Do more in less time.


Chop ’N Prep Chef
blades & base
Turbo chop fresh herbs,
smaller vegetables,
fruit, nuts & toppings.

Funnel with measurements
For one-step mixing.
Ring adapts same cover
to different-sized bases
Quickly switch from one
job to another.

New curved blades
(includes blade
More precise
paddle whisk
More even

Large base
Expands your capabilities.
Non-skid ring
Keeps it on the counter.

BLEND omelets, smoothies, guacamole, hummus & other dips or spreads • MIX batters for
pancakes & cakes, mousses & other desserts • EMULSIFY dressings, marinades, sauces &
mayonnaise • CHOP vegetables, fruit, nuts & herbs for meal or dessert prep

© 2013 Tupperware 2013-292-037 English

Serves 16 • Serving size: 1 piece

18.25-oz./517 g pkg. Devil’s Food cake mix
Eggs, oil, and water according to the package directions
3 tbsp. Simple Indulgence Chocolate Dessert Blend
½ cup brown sugar
1 tsp. Simple Indulgence Cinnamon-Vanilla Seasoning Blend
1 cup hot water
4 chocolate-sandwich cookies, finely chopped
using the Chop ’N Prep Chef
1. In the Power Chef™ System, with paddle attachment,
prepare cake mix according to package directions, placing
liquids into base of Power Chef™ System first and then adding
cake mix to liquids.

Serves 8
Makes: 8¼ cups

1 medium tomato, quartered
½ small onion, peeled and halved
¼ cup fresh cilantro
2 avocados, pitted and peeled
1 tbsp. Simple Indulgence Cilantro
Mojo Seasoning Blend

Place tomato, onion and cilantro in base
of Power Chef™ System with blade
attachment. Pull cord several times to
roughly chop. Add avocados and the
seasoning blend and continue to chop
until desired consistency is achieved.

2. Process until combined. Pour mixture into a greased,
TupperWave® Stack Cooker 3-Qt./3 L Casserole with Cone.
3. Combine brown sugar, dessert blend and seasoning blend
and sprinkle over cake batter.
4. Pour hot water over batter; do not stir. Microwave at
70% power 10–11 minutes or until a toothpick inserted
into center of cake comes out clean. Remove and cover
with TupperWave® Stack Cooker Cover for 15 minutes to
cool. Invert cake over a rimmed serving dish to catch sauce.
Sprinkle cookie crumbs over cake. Serve warm.

Serves 10
Serving size: 2 tbsp.

This cake was tested in a 1200-watt microwave oven.
Timing may need to be adjusted for different microwave wattage.

15-oz./425 g can white beans, drained
and rinsed, with liquid reserved
1 tbsp. balsamic vinegar
2 garlic cloves
2 tbsp. extra virgin olive oil
½ tbsp. Simple Indulgence Italian Herb
Seasoning Blend

Place all ingredients in base of Power
Chef™ System with blade attachment.
Cover and pull cord several times
until pureed. If dip is too thick, add a
tablespoon or two of the reserved bean
liquid until reaching desired consistency.

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