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Weekly Sell Offs!

Quantities Last!

Oct 3rd - Oct 9th

Discount Reward level does not apply!



NHL Hammers A great gift idea

for your favourite sports fan! This 16oz,
construction grade hammer has a stainless
steel head, with hard fired enamel team
logo on both sides. Fibreglass shaft has
team name in team colours and a moulded
hockey puck rubber grip.
BM92657 Vancouver Canucks $24.98

Now! $9.99
BM92619 Edmonton Oilers $24.98
Now! $9.99

Tool Kit - Edmonton Oilers A complete general tool
kit for the hockey lover! This high quality tool kit includes 2
screwdrivers, 1 x 14” hand saw, 1 utility knife, 1 x 8” adjustable
wrench, 1 x 12oz claw hammer, 1 x 10’ measuring tape, 1 x 7”
combination pliers, 2 x 4” spring clamps, 1 x 6” long nose pliers,
3 plastic puck containers with an assortment of 115 nails, screws
and anchors, plus a nylon carrying case. Tools are made of steel
with double dipped plastic handles.
BM92220 $69.98 Now! $27.99



Horizontal Tissue Box Cover - Flowers Cover up the
boring old tissue box with an elegant cover that turns function
into a fabulous work of art! Extra-thick, heavy-duty cardboard
cover wipes clean, and fits most standard tissue boxes. 10-1/4”L x
5-3/4”W x 3-3/4”H.
PG16170 $12.98 Now! $5.19

T-Shirt - Beer: Now Cheaper Than Gas A fun gift for
“expert economists” or just those who enjoy a brew. White T-Shirt
is 100% cotton. (20”W x 29”L)
RGT295 Medium $19.98 Now! $7.99
RGT296 Large $19.98 Now! $7.99
RGT297 X Large $19.98 Now! $7.99

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