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Weekly Specials!



Nature Lover Bear Lamp

Shine a little light on your love
of nature! Enchanting table
lamp features hand-cast resin
base featuring a charming black
bear and his cardinal friends, complete with
burlap shade trimmed in red plaid ribbon.
Uses a 100W bulb or smaller; 23W CFL
bulb included. 60”L power cord. 18”H x
PT80050 $129.98

Oct 3rd - Oct 9th


Enjoy the most flavourful coffee or tea!
Simply Brew or steep in the large, clear brewing
chamber, then easily dispense
your beverage into your favourite mug through
the automatic valve on the bottom. Removable
strainer keeps leaves or grounds from passing
through, drip tray keeps
countertops and tables
clean. Made of toprack dishwasher safe, shatter-resistant
and BPA-free Tritan copolyester.
600mL / 2.54 Cup capacity. 5”H x
AP315 Incred ‘a Brew $34.98

Now! $27.98
AP314 Simpliss ‘a Tea $34.98
Now! $27.98

Now! $103.98



Personalized Curling Shoe Bag Protect your shoes when
not in use! Spikes, cleats and sliders are safely stowed, with mesh
sides for ventilation and reinforced webbed carry handle for
easy transport. Features a back zippered pocket for spare laces
or gloves, wide-mouth opening with flap velcro closure and is
made of durable 600D polyester. Personalization: 1 line, up to 10
DC41324 $14.98 Now! $11.98

Direct Immersion Brewing Gadgets


Silicone Baking Cover
- Square (8 x 8) Prevent

foods from boiling over in the
oven! Flexible silicone band
slips over the rim of your
bakeware to form a protective
barrier that stops hot contents
from overflowing your baking
dish and creating a mess in the
oven or while carrying to table
or counter. Dishwasher, freezer
and microwave safe; oven-safe
to temperatures up to 428°F.
Fits standard ovenware.
HC5738 $14.98

Now! $11.98


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