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Attention here is a great danger! We wish to draw your attention
to a danger that you may , Judge for yourselves ! ...

In, fact, you can check with your Bible, and we invite you urgently to do so, and whoever checks in the Bible
notes that the prophecies of Isaiah in the Bible mention a descendant of Ishmael through his ancestors , saying:
Isaiah 42.1 Behold my servant , whom I uphold, my chosen , in whom my soul delights . I have put my spirit
upon him: he shall bring forth judgment to the Gentiles . and ... in the same prophecy in verse 42.11 " Let the
wilderness and its cities lift up their voice ! The villages occupied by Kedar raise the voice ( the envoy of God
therefore come from the desert and its towns, and descend of Kedar is the second son of Ishmael as Genesis
says 25.13 The names of the son of Ishmael, by their names, according to their generations . Nebajoth the
firstborn of Ishmael, Kedar , Adbeel , Mibsam ) it really happened as the prophecies of Isaiah have said, an
envoy of God, descendant ' Ismael , as you can see from all the book series following the end of the sheet , and
that part of the promise made to Abraham Genesis 17 : 2, and Genesis 12:2-3 : " I will make you a great nation
and I will bless thee, I will make your name great , and thou shalt be a blessing . 12.3 I will bless those who
bless you , and curse those who curse you , and all the families of the earth be blessed " Then in Genesis 21:13 I
will also make a nation of the son of thy handmaid . Because he is thy seed .
It is obvious to all that Jesus is not a descendant of Kedar , nor Ismael ; And yet, as you can see, those who
wrote the Gospel of Matthew have falsely attributed this prophecy of Isaiah 42.1 to 11 above Jesus by repeating
word for word in Matthew 12:17 as follows: " that it might be fulfilled which was spoken by the prophet Isaiah :
12.18 Here is my servant whom I have chosen , my beloved in whom my soul is well pleased . I will put my
Spirit on him, and he shall shew judgment to the Gentiles the same falsification is made in Matthew 26.54 Then
how the Scriptures be fulfilled that say it must be so ? 26.55 At this time, Jesus said to the multitudes, Are ye
come out as against a robber, with swords and clubs to seize me . I sat daily with you teaching in the temple,
and you did not arrest me . 26.56 But this happened so that the Scriptures of the prophets might be fulfilled .
The same lie is repeated in the Gospel of John , which refers to the same prophecy of Isaiah in the forging in
John 18.4 "Jesus, knowing all things that should come upon him , went forth .. ", the same lie is repeated in the
four Gospels and in all the books of the New Testament , is referring to the prophecies of Isaiah to falsely
attributed to Jesus is referring to the belief that this entails, and all these falsifications are confirmed by many
contradictions that emerged from the analysis of each component of the New Testament books as shown in the
examples below in the next section of the book of 18 pages of biblical evidence read below , and as you can see
through many other examples of contradictions in this internet address , showing that it is
not Jesus' apostles who wrote the gospels but strangers, who have never benefited from stories without
contradiction apostles of Jesus, it shows that they have not lived very long after the time of Jesus' apostles , and
have never witnessed the events of the crucifixion , which is , as shown in the following examples, all
contradictions inherent in these stories at every stage of the four Gospels , as you can see : 1 - example of how
Jesus was arrested ? According to Matthew, Judas gave a sign to the soldiers to recognize Jesus in him kissing
the hand . While according to John, no one have touched because Judas is still with the soldiers , it is Jesus
himself who came forward saying that he is Jesus! here according to Matthew 26.47 While he yet spake , lo,
Judas , one of the twelve, came , and with him a great multitude with swords and staves, from the chief priests
and elders of the people . 26.48 And he that betrayed him gave them a sign , saying, Whomsoever I shall kiss,
that is he : take him . 26.49 Immediately he came to Jesus , he said: Hi , Rabbi ! And kissed him . 26.50 Jesus
said to him : My friend, what you came to do, do it. While John 18 18.Judas , who betrayed , knew the place ,
18.4 .. Jesus , knowing all things that should come upon him , went forth, and said unto them, Whom seek ye ?
18.5 They answered him, Jesus of Nazareth. Jesus said to them : This is me. And Judas, who betrayed him ,
stood with them . 18.6 When he said to them : I am he, they went backward and fell terre.18.7 He asked them
again, Whom seek ye ? And they said, Jesus of Nazareth. 18.8 Jesus answered, I have told you that it's me. .
2 - According to Mark 14 : 50 And they all forsook him , and fled ; According Mathieu 26.56 it also says the
same thing: "... all forsook him , and fled . ", How did the apostles , who was with him before the soldiers
arrived , and according to the gospel of Mark and of Matthew, fled to the arrival of the soldiers , so they no
longer attended the crucifixion, so how these same apostles Marc and Mathieu , can they make their stories
from beginning to end, as if they have failed to do anything different events to their end it shows once again
that this is not the apostles of Jesus wrote these Gospels , but unknown ;
You can see the contradictions at every stage of the stories of the four Gospels from beginning to end , many
other examples are given internet address , it shows once more that it is not Jesus' apostles
who wrote the Gospels , but unknown , who falsified the Gospels by passing their contradictions as the apostles
of Jesus , so that they never make a contradiction , and say that the words of Jesus .
These prophecies of Isaiah being the only reason given in the Gospels by those who made the forgeries ,
explaining that the three prayers of Jesus not to be crucified , have not been answered , and those of Isaiah
prophétiess designating descendant of Ishmael, and not Jesus as you have seen above, it is obvious that the
three prayers of Jesus not to be killed or crucified , have therefore necessarily been answered by God as shown
below, testimony and the words of the apostles of Jesus
who lived with him on earth and who attended these events through the verses of the Bible that do not suffer
any contradiction , which shows that the apostles of Jesus were the first to fight this belief in the crucifixion
Jesus , because according to their testimony from the verses that do not suffer any contradiction , Jesus

was raised to heaven, after these three prayers , and its appearance has been set by God Judas who betrayed
him in the Bible , and it is Judas who was caught by the soldiers and crucified instead of Jesus , as confirmed
serious offenses against God himself , that is crucified in his last words daring to ask questions like , "Why , this
or that to God you do" , which is an affront to God because He is the only one who does not make mistakes , and
that should never be questioned about what he does on the contrary it must request consideration to creatures
and not the reverse , as the crucified told God according to the Gospel , "My God , My God, why hast thou
forsaken me," what is really required of him , so offensive , and Jesus is never to offend God in addition if come
to sacrifice to save humanity , he would have known why it would be on the cross and would not need to ask
God why he would be on the cross, because it would have known the answer to the question , that is, to save
humanity , and he was satisfied with it because everyone dies, and real life is in the afterlife , not here, it was
not the case, as the crucified asked God , why God did this , which shows that he is not content with that , as
Jesus never says that God has abandoned, since it is satisfied with God and God is satisfied him and God always
does what he asks him , including the great miracles , and he just prayed to God that it never crucified nor
killed by the enemy , it shows that Jesus was not crucified , as stated by the apostles of Jesus Paul , the author
of this belief , through Bible verses that do not suffer any contradiction as you can see from the book linked to
have is below below , which confirms the prophecies of Jesus according to John 2.13 , " My people have
committed two evils : they have forsaken me, the fountain of living waters , and he dug tanks split and who hold
no water ";
Indeed, Paul himself , who authored this belief in the crucifixion of Jesus and the end of the law , says in
Galathes 2.1 to 2.11 and then to the end of Galathes the apostles of Jesus who lived with Jesus on earth have
fought for this belief is the crucifixion of Jesus and the end of the law, because Paul himself said that 14 years
after he began to preach, he went to the apostles of Jesus , asking them to validate the compliance of what he
preaches with the authentic teachings of Jesus, and that they have sent a delegation back to Antioch, where he
was to invite him to give up his belief in the end the law, and the crucifixion of Jesus , as evidenced by the words
of Paul in response to such delegation or Paul says Galathes 4.21 Tell me , ye that desire to be under law , do
you not hear the law ? It was Paul who said in effect in which these writings in Romans 10:4 : " For he is the
end of the law " ! While the law is based on the practice of the 10 commandments that rule the rights of God
and those of his neighbor, following the example of Jesus who lightens the Jews that preceded it from all their
troubles , how can there be an end to this? and this is what the apostles of Jesus told Paul , by the delegation
they sent him , by his words, none of which suffers from contradiction or injustice , including those of Matthew
5: 17 to 19 where Jesus says, "Think not that I am come to destroy the law or the prophets: I am not come to
destroy , but to fulfill. 5.18 For I tell you the truth, until heaven and earth pass (if heaven and earth pass away,
so that's the end of the world, so long as the end of the world has not arrived ) , it does not pass from the law
one jot or one tittle , until all is accomplished (after the end of the world , so it means , until everyone has been
awarded the last day for these actions in this world, Heaven or Hell ) ", all denied by the apostles of Jesus, Paul
's belief in the crucifixion of Jesus and the end of the law , are shown in corresponding section below, through
the words of Jesus in the Bible , none of which suffers from contradiction or injustice, highlighting the
contradictions and injustices contained in the beliefs and words of Paul , which leave no doubt the fact that
Jesus can not in any way teach these beliefs Paul , as confirmed by the many contradictions found in the
accounts of Paul's conversion , some of which are wrongly attributed to Jesus , while Jesus never contradicts
itself , as you can seen in the corresponding section below . All the more so , as evidenced by the verses of the
Bible that do not suffer any contradiction , and as shown in the testimony of Jude (also called Barnabas ) , the
prayers of Jesus not to be crucified were answered and Jesus was saved by God before their eyes as you can see
in the following chapters , and other verses that support the contrary contain blatant contradictions show that
this belief in the crucifixion of Jesus, is based only on verses that contain contradictions and falsifications , and
all that confirm that Jesus was never crucified, as the apostles of Jesus who lived with him have said to Paul ,
who was not with them during these events , through the delegation that sent him to Antioch as Paul himself
says in Galathes 2.11 until the end of Galathes . Judge for yourself by reading through this book.
The only way to find the authentic teachings of Jesus, is to consider the Bible verses that contain no
contradiction or injustice, and this is what is done in this book, and it is by verse verse teachings of the
comforter that Jesus commanded to follow after him , before leaving this earth, through all the verses in the
Bible that do not suffer any contradiction or injustice , you can see the evidence and lyrics apostles of Jesus , all
these events by reading through the book below, and the authentic teachings of Jesus, who recognize in the
Bible that they do not suffer any contradiction or injustice and these teachings correspond verse by verse , the
teachings of the comforter that Jesus commanded all to follow after him, according to John 14:26 "When he
comes, he will remind you that I told you and teach you all things , in Indeed, you can see by reading this book ,
that the teachings of the comforter, remember, verse by verse , the 10 Commandments of the Bible, taught by
Jesus , then supplementing with over 700 commands , showing in all areas that injustices that are banning and
training people so that it can respect them, thus fulfilling the prophecy of Isaiah , teaching and more all things ,
the solutions of the current global crisis and the elimination of all the injustices of the world , in accordance
with the prophecy of Jesus in John 14:26 quoted above. You can download the book (less than 18 pages to read)
that shows all the evidence through the Bible by going to the website : , the title of this book is :




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