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Symbols for hypotheses
by Corentin CHAROUSSET
Prerequirements :
• disliking racism ;
• feeling familiar with materials science.
In the laboratory as in everyday life, it is necessary to add and remove hypotheses.
For example, a person that thinks that black people are all violent, and that discovers a
black man that is not violent, has to get rid of the hypothesis that all black people are
To remove a hypothesis, I suggest the symbol < .
Example :
All those Blacks are violent.
[I discover Steven, a black man that is not violent.]
< All black people are violent.
Besides, it is also useful to have the reverse symbol. If one wants to calculate an
electrical conductivity in a material, and feels the need to consider electrons as parts of a
fluid, then this person should write
> Electrons are seen as a fluid.
I insist on the point that both adding and removing hypotheses are useful.
Questioning oneself is an unfortunately too rare quality, and everyone should feel easy to
think and write with both < and > .

Removing hypotheses is needed.
Data summary :
> A add hypothesis A
< A remove hypothesis A

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