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Titre: Telecom Products News, Telecom Tech Articles, Telecom New Products - | Page 1

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New Products of Telecom
LG Fireweb Unveiled as Maker's First Firef ox OS Smart phone
10 ho urs ago

Electric Po wer

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LG will soon be launching its f irst-ever smartphone designed to run Firef ox OS
soon, doing so in Brazil in partnership with the local carrier Telef onica.

Most Popular
Apple Unve ils iPad Air, Ne w Macs f …


24 Oct 20 13,0 6 :21

No kia Wo rld Re ve als Phable t s and

Nokia has unveiled its f irst phablets - extra-large phones - as well as its f irst tablet


Huawe i Launche s 'MBB Inside r Online
… '


HT C Launche s Trio o f One -like De sire


Ace r Anno unce s Ico nia W4 8-inch …
Table t


Nokia World Reveals Phablet s and Tablet s in Abu Dhabi

Broadcom Announces EPON and GPON Device Series
24 Oct 20 13,0 5:37

Broadcom Corporation, a global innovation leader in semiconductor solutions f or wired and wireless
communications, today announced a new f iber access series of devices f or broadband connectivity in
the home.


Ubunt u OS Launche d f o r Sm art pho
…ne s and


Apple Unveils iPad Air, New Macs f or Holidays
23 Oct 20 13,0 9 :0 4

Apple Inc on Tuesday of f ered f ree upgrades f or lif e on its operating system and
business sof tware, and unveiled thinner iPads and f aster Mac computers ahead of
a competitive holiday shopping season.

IBM Grabs ARM for ASICs
IBM has licensed a
set o f five ARM co res
fo r use in
co mmunicatio ns

Huawei Unveils CloudEngine Series High Perf ormance Core Swit ches
23 Oct 20 13,0 8 :28

Huawei, a leading global inf ormation and communications technology (ICT ) solutions
provider has unveiled its latest state of the art CloudEngine 12700 series high
perf ormance core switch at the Gartner Summit IT xpo in Goa.

ASICs it makes fo r...

Samsung Electronics Apologises to
Samsung Electro nics
has apo lo gised to
Chinese co nsumers
after a repo rt carried

Huawei Launches 'MBB Insider Online' Plat f orm f or Next -gen Mobile
22 Oct 20 13,0 6 :10

Huawei, a leading global inf ormation and communications solutions provider has
launched MBB Insider Online, a cloud-based mobile platf orm f or evaluating mobile
broadband (MBB) app network f riendliness.

o n...

SJT U Unveils Chinese Fastest
SJTU has recently
anno unced his first
superco mputer with
"π" system. The

Alcat el-Lucent Launches Unif ied Access Approach f or Wired and
Wireless Net works
22 Oct 20 13,0 6 :0 3

Alcatel-Lucent has unveiled major enhancements of its enterprise solutions
portf olio with the launch of its Unif ied Access approach f or both wired and wireless

China Unicom Launch First T DD/FDD LT E
China Unico m will
launch its first
pro curement fo r LTE
gear. Near 52
tho usand LTE base...

ViaWest Unveils Colocat ion, Cloud and Managed Services Part ner Program
21 Oct 20 13,0 8 :59

Colocation service provider ViaWest this week launched its Partner Connect Program to give existing
partners the tools and resources to deliver colocation, cloud and managed services of f erings, with
hopes the new program will entice prospective partners as well.

People are Sourcing

hopes the new program will entice prospective partners as well.

Ubunt u OS Launched f or Smart phones and PCs
20 Oct 20 13,0 9 :21

Open source sof tware developer Canonical has launched an operating system f or
both mobile devices and PCs.

FC Patch co rd

AAWG (Athermal Ar

Fiber Optic Gyro

Spo nge Speakers,B

Po wer and Alarm S

DMX 512,Signal Am

HTC Launches Trio of One-like Desire Smart phones in China, One f or
Each Carrier
19 Oct 20 13,0 6 :32

HT C announces his new Trio of One-like Desire Smartphones in China and one f or
each carrier.

Acer Announces Iconia W4 8-inch Tablet wit h Int el Bay Trail, Windows
19 Oct 20 13,0 5:26

T he new model will join a growing list of Windows 8.1 slates when it ships later this
month, starting at $329.99 f or a 32GB version.

Vie w All Pro duct s >>

LG Announces G Pad 8.3 as An Android Smart phone Companion
18 Oct 20 13,0 8 :31

LG continues to roll out f antastic Android smartphones and is launching the G Pad
8.3 as a smartphone companion device with f unctionality to let you use your tablet
f or text messages, handling calls, and more.

TRS-St ar unveils smart GPRS gat eway
17 Oct 20 13,0 8 :45

T RS-Star GmbH has unveiled a smart GPRS gateway which specif ically simplif ies
M2M (machine to machine) and telemetry applications.

Binat one Launches Android Tablet PC App St ar f or Kids above 4 Years
at Rs 9,999
16 Oct 20 13,0 6 :20

Ever imagined a tablet specially designed f or f our-year olds? Electronics company
Binatone has launched its f irst Android tablet PC, App Star f or kids above 4 years of
age at Rs 9,999.

HTC One Max Fingerprint Phablet Unveiled Early
15 Oct 20 13,0 9 :0 2

HT C has announced its latest handset a day earlier than planned af ter its details
leaked on to the net.

LG t o Launch G Flex Curved Smart phone Next Mont h
14 Oct 20 13,0 8 :54

LG has admitted that "bendable and unbreakable" smartphone displays are already in
production, and we've heard plenty of rumors about a device known as the G Flex
which f eatures the new tech.

Bullet proof Announces AWS Pay-as-you-go Cloud Support Service
11 Oct 20 13,0 8 :25

Australian managed cloud services provider Bulletproof has today unveiled On Demand, the f irst
Amazon Web Services (AWS) pay-as-you-go support solution in the country.

Roku LT Is A Bet t er Buy t han Apple TV
10 Oct 20 13,0 8 :43

T he Roku box itself is small, quiet and more than up to the task of handling HD
video. T he top resolution of streaming content is only 720p, but the vast majority of
people will be hard pressed to notice the dif f erence in quality f rom the top-of -theline (and twice-as-expensive) Roku 3.

Samsung Launches Curved-screen Phone
0 9 Oct 20 13,0 9 :45

Samsung Electronics Co Ltd on Wednesday launched a variant of the popular
Galaxy Note smartphone with a curved display, moving a step closer to introducing
wearable devices with f lexible screens.

Apple t o Int roduce New IPads on Oct ober 22: AllThingsD
0 9 Oct 20 13,0 9 :19

Apple is planning an October 22 press event to show of f the latest additions to its
iPad line, according to AllT hingsD's John Paczkowski, conf irming an earlier report in
Current Editorials.

Ext ending Transmission Pat hs in 10 Gbit /s Net work Cabling
0 9 Oct 20 13,0 8 :10

T he Harting Ha-VIS preLink Extender enables the easy extension of transmission
paths in 10 Gbit/s network cabling systems, as well as allowing unused cables to be
reactivated and extended until the next required connection.

Telecom New Zealand t o Launch LTE in November
0 8 Oct 20 13,10 :0 8

New Z ealand will soon have a choice of LT E service providers as Telecom New
Z ealand gears up to launch 4G services in November this year.

Everyware Sof t ware Framework 2.0 Manages IoT Apps
0 2 Oct 20 13,0 6 :12

Eurotech's Everyware Sof tware Framework (ESF) 2.0 provides machine-to-machine
(M2M) building blocks and built-in remote device and application management.

3D Ant ennas
0 1 Oct 20 13,0 6 :0 7

Pulse Electronics announced it has the in-house capability to integrate passive
surf ace mount technology (SMT ) components on 3D laser direct structuring (LDS)

Bangladesh Net work Launches 3G Services
30 Sep 20 13,0 8 :50

Grameenphone, majority owned by Norway's Telenor, on Sunday launched Bangladesh's f irst mobile
3G (third generation) network, aiming f or national coverage by next April.

Ericsson Announces Radio Dot Syst em
29 Sep 20 13,0 9 :23

Ericsson announced a base station radio the size of a smoke detector that aims to
signif icantly lower costs of deploying indoor cellular networks. T he Radio Dot
System aims to disrupt one the f astest growing markets in wireless inf rastructure
pegged at $4 billion by 2018.

Amazon Releases New Kindles
28 Sep 20 13,0 8 :39

Amazon has started selling f aster and lighter Kindle tablets with a video helpdesk f eature. Kindle Fire
HDX tablets have a "Don't Panic" f eature f or users to call technical support if things go pear-shaped.
A representative, who can see the screen, will help troubleshoot by even navigating the devic

Twit t er Launches Emergency Not if icat ion Service
27 Sep 20 13,10 :45

A new service f rom Twitter allows government agencies and non-governmental
organizations to send emergency messages directly to users' phones during natural
disasters or times of crisis, the company announced Wednesday.




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