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Orders must be submitted by your Consultant by June 21, 2013.

Available June 15—21, 2013 only!

Store tasty treats with these delicious deals!



One week

©2013 Tupperware 2013-000-164 CA

Colors may vary and substitutions may occur.

Includes items a — d.
$118 value. Save $58!
89048 $60.00

Sweet Summer Get-It-All Set

Get-Itm-Aolrea! nd

Microwave meals in a flash! The unique,
self-venting valve needs no adjustment
and is completely automatic. Plus, the
doughnut-shaped center allows food to
reheat evenly and ensures easy cleaning.
8¼-cup/2 L.
$32.50 value. Save $11.50!
89052 $21.00

d Heat ’N Serve Oval Container

Keeps up to 30 average-sized cookies,
candy or other snacks. 9½ cup/2.25 L.
$25 value. Save $9!
89049 $16.00

c Cookie Canister

Classic children’s toy for shape-sorting
and counting. Ages 6 months and up.
$35 value. Save $14!
89050 $21.00

b Shape-O® Toy

Store up to 9”/22.5 cm pie or 12 cupcakes
in this versatile, freezer-safe container.
$25.50 value. Save $9.50!
89051 $16.00

a Round Pie and Pastry Container

Sweet Summer Storage Solutions!


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