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Talk Show
Les personnages sont assis en rond, le commentateur commence.
Marin – Hello everybody ! Welcome to the Talk Show on ABC channel ! Today, we'll
speak about Internet and it risk. Let's start with the presentation of all persons
present for discuss about the subject. Well, you start, and after the others will do
the same.
Alex – My name is Alex, I'm informatic engineer since fifteen years.
Marie – Hello ! I'm Marie, I'm 35. I created my shopping network 6 years ago.
Rémi – I'm Rémi. I'm student on high school.
Matthieu – Hello, I'm Matthieu. I'm 43 and I'm the responsible for human resources
on a big company.
Marion – My name is Marion, I'm 55. I'm management teacher on high school. I teach
since 26 years.
Esteban – Hello everybody ! I'm Doctor Esteban, I'm psycologist in the highest
research center of the country about the risk of Internet on the human brain. I
practise this job since 10 years.
Nicolas – I'm Nicolas, like Rémi I'm high school student.
Jérôme – Good morning. My name is Jérôme, I'm the President of the Association of
Protection of the Children. I'm 58 years. I created this association when a close
relative enter on depression after the disclosure of informations of her private life.
Marin – Okay, thank you ! Well, first : what's the importance of Internet nowadays ?
Who want to start ?
Alex –Me ! I work everyday on Internet, it's one of the first equipment on my job. I
can’t do without it. It's important for exchanges, for research informations … I can't
believe that person wouldn't use it !
Rémi –Like Alex, I use to employed Internet, at school and at my house. I think it's
very important in our lifes, Internet is everywhere. We use it on social networks like
Facebook, Twitter, for do some shopping, for manage his money … At school, Internet
allows me to do my homeworks, to recover the lessons. And a lot of people live with
it !
Nicolas – I'm agry with you, but I think Internet shouldn't be everywhere. For me
it's just an entertainment, you may use it for games, after the job. For the school, I
prefer using books, because many networks aren't secure.
Marion – Yes. I'm against too using Internet for homeworks. Many students copy
works of others, it isn't great for them ! I prefer they make themselves their works,
it allows to know their skills. Students are much distracted for do the homeworks. I
think like Nicolas : it's an entertainment !
Jérôme - Yes. Furthermore Internet purpose a lot of dangers.

Marin – What would you want to say for « dangers » ? Who are they ?
Jérôme – In my association, I see a lot of children traumatized by Internet. They
need to be secure when they « surf in the net » : there are bad networks, bad
persons like paedophiles … Many persons can see all of your private life if you aren't
careful on it.
Matthieu – But it allows me to do my job ! As I can see informations about postulants
on my company, it's more easily to choose among them. But we never reveal them
informations !
Marie – Like you, I need Internet for my job. On my network, the client can see all of
the products I sold. They even can buy them on it ! Many jobs have been created by
Internet, like mine who name is « Clothes.com ». The on-line sale is in strong
increase : for 2 years the sales are increasing considerably. 2 millions of people visit
it per month ! But I didn't think there are risks …
Esteban – Yes. Like you say it, there are many risks. My job allows me to see the
results of Internet on the human brain. Studies have revelated that Internet reduce
the activity of the brain, reduce the speed of reflection. Certain persons became
dependent of Internet, like with the cigarette, new diseases appeared. It utilisation
haven't to be excessive.
Marin – Okay, thank you everybody. Well, what advices would you want to say for
children who listen the Talk Show ?
Esteban – You can use Internet when you want, but you have to be careful, and be
Marie – You have to be careful about the people you meet on it.
Alex – And you can speak about it with your friens and your family.
Marin – Okay.
Jérôme – Can I say a last thing ?
Marin – Of course !
Jérôme – My association intervenes on high school, and you can visit our website :
Association-of-protection-of-children.com. Good bye !
Marin – Thank you everybody to were present to this show. Good bye !

Les personnages se disent au revoir. La lumière s'éteind.

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