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Post-Doctoral Position Available
In cell biology and biophysics
General environment:
This project is coordinated by Grégory Giannone (CNRS UMR 5297, Biophysics of Adhesion
and Cytoskeleton, Interdisciplinary Institute for NeuroScience, Bordeaux, France). The team of
G. Giannone is studying actin and adhesion protein dynamics during cell motility (Cell 2004; Cell
2007) using pioneering optical and biomechanical methods (Biophys J, 2010; Nano Letters
2013; Cell Reports 2013). Our team will provide an excellent multidisciplinary working
environment in the University of Bordeaux, France.

Project: Super-resolution and single protein tracking to study integrin adhesion
Starting date: end of 2013 and later
The general goal of our project is to decipher at the molecular level the dynamic and forcemodulated interactions between integrins and their regulators within adhesion site (AS). Using
super-resolution microscopy and single protein tracking, we recently deciphered the molecular
mechanisms of integrin activation within AS (Rossier et al., Nat Cell Biol 2012, 14, 1057-1067).
However, to understand the molecular mechanisms controlling the life cycle of AS, it is crucial to
study the distribution and dynamics of integrin regulators at the nanoscale level but also their
interactions and mechanical responses. We will pursue a multidisciplinary approach combining
single protein tracking and super-resolution microscopy, micro-patterned substrates, image
analysis and mechanical engineering.
We are seeking a post-doctoral fellow expert in cell biology or optics or mechano-biology.
The candidate will have a PhD, or equivalent, in a relevant discipline (cell biology, optical
imaging or biophysics) with excellent past-record of achievement and less than 5 years of postdoctoral experience. Physicists having experience with cell biology are encouraged to apply.
Contact: Please send CV and two letters of recommendation to Grégory Giannone,

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