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2 4 H   C H A L L E N G E   C u s t o m e r   B u s i n e s s  
D e v e l o p m e n t   -­‐   S a l e s   -­‐    
N o v e m b e r   2 1 s t   a n d   D e c e m b e r   3 r d ,   2 0 1 3  
You  are  a  student  and  you  are  looking  for  a  challenging  internship:  come  and  live  a  P&G  business  experience  by  participating  
to  the  November  21  or  December  3 ,    24H  Recruiting  Challenge  in  P&G  Headquarters!    
You  will  have  the  opportunity  to  experience  what  P&G  is  and  you  will  have  the  same  challenges  as  a  new  employee.  
You  will  have  responsibilities  from  day  one  and  you  will  be  in  charge  of  many  projects  that  you  will  manage  throughout  the  
Your  manager  will  be  there  every  day  to  help,  advise  you  and  ensure  the  training  program  is  good.  
You  will  learn  something  new  every  day  and  you  will  be  in  a  multi  functional  environment  in  which  your  ideas  and  talents  will  
be  listened  to.  
We  organize  a  recruiting  event  on  November  21  and  December  3 ,  during  which  you  will  be  able  to  go  through  all  the  
recruiting  process  in  one  day.  It’s  a  great  opportunity  to  go  back  home  with  an  internship  offer  within  a  single  day!  
On  this  new  24H  challenge  we  offer  3  exciting,  challenging  internships  to  outstanding  students.  

1/  Sales  representative  internship  -­‐  ≥9  months    
As   a   sales   representative   trainee,   you   will   work   as   a   partner   with   all   your   retail   customers   to   jointly   develop   the   P&G   turnover  
in  hypermarket  and  supermarket  stores.  You  will  be  approximately  in  charge  of  30  stores.  


You  act  as  a  business  owner  and  as  such  you:  
-­‐  Develop  the  strategies  that  have  been  negotiated  between  retailers  and  P&G  customer  teams  in  your  stores.  
-­‐  Build  local  joint  business  plans  to  reach  and  beat  the  turnover  target  
-­‐  Be  in  charge  of  the  4Ps  in  store:  numeric  distribution,  quick  weighted  distributions  build  up  on  initiatives,  place  of  the  product  
on  shelf  via  merchandising  principles,  promotions  and  displays.  
-­‐  Be  in  charge  of  solving  difficult  situations  with  customers  with  the  support  of  your  manager  and  customer  team  members.  
-­‐  Propose  recommendations.  

-­‐   As   a   trainee,   you   are   integrated   in   the   team   as   any   other   new   employee   with   a   full   training   program:   you   will   learn  
communication  and  selling  skills,  the  management  of  a  customer  portfolio,  the  analysis  and  priority  settings.  
-­‐  You  are  part  of  a  professional  team  
-­‐   You   are   managed   by   a   unit   manager   who   will   train   you   every   day   and   you   will   have   the   opportunity   to   have   days   on   the   field  
with  marketing  or  customers  team  experts.  

2/  Trade  Marketing  internships  -­‐  6  months  
Interns  become  an  important  member  of  one  of  our  Marketing  Operational  Team,  working  directly  with  a  multifunctional  team  
and   above   all   with   the   brand   marketing   and   the   operation   marketing   on   a   specific   category   of   products   (baby   care   with  
Pampers,  Hair  Care  with  Pantene  or  Head&Shoulders  etc…).  
You   will   be   responsible   of   developing   the   category   /   brand   as   day   1   on   your   internship.   You   will   be   provided   with   a   deep,  
experienced  based  understanding  of  Marketing,  Strategy  and  Planning  and  also  with  customer  business  development  as  you  
will  be  working  also  closely  with  our  customers  teams  internally.  

3/  Category  Management  internships  -­‐  6  months  

Interns  become  an  important  member  of  one  of  our  Customer  Teams,  working  directly  with  the  customer,  and  having  selling  
and  account  management  responsibility.  You  will  also  work  closely  with  a  multifunctional  team  (finance,  logistic,  marketing).  
You  will  be  provided  with  a  deep,  experienced  based  understanding  of  Customer  Business  Development  and  Customer  Teams.  
Interns  are  assigned  to  specific  Customer  Teams  or  specific  Marketing  operational  team  for  the  duration  of  their  internship.  
Their  responsibilities  include  achieving  competitively  superior  in-­‐store  presence  of  our  brands  at  assigned  grocery  or  retail  drug  
Additionally,   interns   are   assigned   special   projects   to   complete,   and   are   expected   to   make   meaningful   contributions   to   the  
growth  of  our  brands  by  completing  business  analyses  and  participating  in  account  presentations.  Interns  are  expected  to  learn  
and  use  conceptual  selling  techniques  and  data-­‐based  presentations.  
Who  are  we  looking  for?  
We   are   seeking   students   who   are   leaders   who   make   things   happen,   analytical   thinkers   and   problem   solvers,   and   excellent  
communicators.  We  are  looking  for  individuals  who  set  priorities  and  follow  through  on  commitments,  who  work  effectively  
with  diverse  groups  of  people,  and  who  demonstrate  creativity,  innovation  and  initiative  
Deadline  for  application:  November  11th  (for  November  21st  session)  /  November  21st  (for  December  3rd  session).    
Go on:
Offer: CBD00014200
Internship salary from 1150 to 1600€, depending the internship duration.

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