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• Power supply: DC 12-24V
• Measure Range:

Frequency: 0.1-99999Hz
Rotate speed :30-99999 r/m
Maxed Display: 99999
High frequency measurement accuracy, which could reach to 0.01 ‰ at 25 ° C,
resolution could reach to 0.001HZ.
Wide range of frequency measurement: 0.15HZ-100KHZ.
Measuring range could be automatically switched from 00.000Hz (R / M) to
000.00KHz (KR / M).
Work Modes: Frequency meter / Tachometer, you may change the mode via press
the switch; Hold the work mode when power off
Keys to set the divider value, divided by the value of 1-99999 and 0.0001-9.9999
file, the frequency value of power-down save
Beautiful appearance, sophisticated technology and easy to use



Frequency meter


Display Digit

0.56" 5-digits LED

Display refresh rate

Signal frequency > 3HZ : 3 Times/ Sec
Signal frequency ≤ 3HZ: about singnal frequency

Over Flow Display

“- - - - -”

measurement accuracy

0.1%±1digit / Special: 0.01‰ @ 25℃

Measure Range



input signal

Signal Type

Dry contact、PNP、NPN、Pulse


3-30V or 30-300V(High
Voltage),this could be changed via
adjust the Short circuit

Measurement Method

Full synchronization period measurement

Input Resistance


Power Supply


Withstand voltage

AC2000V 1min Between the External terminal and the shell


Vibration Frequency :10-55HZ, Acceleration: 50m/s2
X、Y、Z, each direction 5min X 10

Temperature and

Humidity: 25-85% RH

Storage Temperature


Panel Dimensions(mm)


Dimensions (mm )


Function Selection:
• Frequency and Rotate speed display Set
(Please disconnect the input signal before setting when the input signal is High level
voltage signal)
Open the back cover of the meter,
Press "S2" key to enter "SET" model and then press "S1" to change display
"0" means Frequency display with filter ;
"1" means rotate speed with filter;
"2" means Frequency display without filter ;
"3" means rotate speed without filter.
10 seconds later, this meter will automatically return to the measurement mode, or poweroff and restart, this meter still could return to measurement mode too.
• Divider Value Set
(Please disconnect the input signal before setting when the input signal is High
level voltage signal)
Open the back cover, press the "S1" key to enter the Sub-frequency Value Set

interface,"S1" key is the shift key, "S2" key is the value plus key, the divider
value must be set in 1-99999 or 0.0001-9.9999 figures, and other value is
invalid;After the set of the desired divider value via "S1" and "S2", wait 10
seconds and the meter will automatically return to the measurement mode, or
power-off and then restart to return to the measurement mode .
Divider concept:
The number of the singal the gears get for one circle. For example, a gear can
take 20 pulse signal for one circle , the divider value could be set to 20.
• High and Low voltage signal input switch
(Please disconnect the input signal before setting when the input signal is High
level voltage signal)
The default set for this meter is the low voltage input, if you need high-voltage
input, you need to open the back cover the more the short jumer from the "L"

Enter the high voltage directly will damage the
meter if the short jumper is not removed. We are
not responsibility for this damage. Please
carefully operation!!
PIN Definition

Please use the item in the normal environment
Please select the correct operating mode for your application
Please set the correct divider value
Input signal should meet the requirements of impedance, if the internal impedance
of the input signal is big and you need to change the impedance
• For safe operation, please do not set the meter if there is high lever input signal
• Please do not directly touch the crystal and chip directly due to body Static
electricity can damage the device and reduce the performance.

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