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Veiled chameleon

Veiled chameleon
Chameleons are reptiles found mostly on the
continent of Africa and in Madagascar, but can
also be found in Europe and parts of Asia. There
are said to be about 100 types of chameleon in
the world. They mainly inhabit forest areas, living
on insects and arthropods, but there are some
types that also eat leaves and fruits. Chameleons
can change the color of their bodies, and move
their eyes separately giving them an almost 360
degree range of vision. This papercraft model is
based on the veiled chameleon, a type of
chameleon easy to keep as a pet.



*Assembly instructions on pages 1 and 2, and pattern on page 3.
Assembly Instructions

Explanation of Symbols

1) Carefully cut out the parts.

Cut line

2) Fold along the dotted lines, making mountain or valley folds as indicated.
3) Follow the order indicated in the instructional diagrams, and attach the
parts to assemble.
(Read the Explanation of Symbols for more information.)

Mountain fold

4) Your paper craft model is finished!

Valley fold

Scissors, glue (We recommend craft glue.)

Keep scissors and glue away from small children.
Be careful not to cut your fingers when using scissors.
Fold the folding lines before gluing.

Numbered glue tabs

Glue the parts together in the order indicated
by the numbers.


Glue tabs with symbols and part names

These tabs are to be glued onto the matching parts,
which name is indicated on the tab.

Veiled chameleon
Assembling the Veiled chameleon

Assemble the head




Assemble the body



Assemble the tail


Assemble the whole body


Veiled chameleon




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