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here ar

made by www.custompapertoys.com

1. Print this template on matte photo paper or card stock.
2. Use a thin layer of white glue for gluing.
3.For nice clean folds, score dashed fold lines by very
lightly running an x-acto knife along a straight edge.
4. Cut out all parts and be sure to cut 2 slots in body for
arms and 4 slots in head for ears and body tabs.
5. Glue tabs A-G on HEAD in alphabetical order
to form head.
6. Insert EARS into corresponding slots on HEAD.
7. Glue tab J to form BODY and fold feet up.
8. Glue GUITAR to BODY where indicated.
9. Insert RIGHT ARM into slot below tab L and put hand in
front of the GUITAR.
10. Insert Left ARM into slot below tab K and then glue
top of sleeve to GUITAR neck behind hand.
11. Insert tabs L and K on BODY into corresponding slots
on HEAD.
12. Glue BRAIDS on back of HEAD that are marked “X”.
13. Turn on some Willie Nelson tunes and let Yoda jam!

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