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ALU cooperates with YooMee Africa to build ultrabroadband wireless access
Alcatel-Lucent will cooperate with YooMee, the leading high-speed
internet service provider in Cameroon, to enable it expand into ner Af rican
market by providing T DD LT E ultra-broadband wireless access.

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Go go 's Fe e -base d Wi-Fi Misse s a Big


LT E Use rs Sho p Online Alm o st Twice
… as


China Mo bile t o Pro m o t e Vo LT E


MT N t o Upgrade and Expand 3G Ne …
t wo rk


Micro so f t CEO Candidat e St e phe …
n Elo p


China Mo bile May Pro spo ne Sale s …


NCC Moves t o Auct ion 2.3GHz Spect rum Licence
NCC has said it will soon conclude arrangements to auction the remaining
two slots in the 2.3GHz spectrum licence.T he need to auction the licence
was as a result of the commencement of the proposed unbundling of the
country's broadband inf rastructure market.

Brit ish Telecom is approved t o est ablish regional HQ in
British Telecom, a telecommunications giant in the UK, has been approved
by Bahrain to build its regional headquarters in the kingdom.T he British
f irm will provide new services that are not being of f ered by Bahrain's
three telecommunication operators.


three telecommunication operators.

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China Mobile select s Alcat el-Lucent t o support it s 4G LTE

Huawei confirms an octa-core phone

2 ho urs ago

Huawei's president Xu Xinquan has

Alcatel-Lucent has been selected by China Mobile to support 4G LT E
Network, the world's biggest ultra broadband network with its S.A.'s all-IP
Packet Core portf olio. Now f or the present contract, Alcatel has been
allotted 24% of the entire EPC network of China Mobile.

recently co nfirmed that the Ascend P6
will be getting a successo r in the fo rm
o f the Ascend...

XOLO Q1000 Opus Powered by Broadcom
XOLO which is fast emerging as a

China Mobile wins overseas subscribers wit h mobile App

stro ng co mpetito r in the mid to high-

18 ho urs ago

China Mobile International has launched an application it hopes will win
business f rom millions of overseas Chinese and others communicating
with China by allowing anyone outside China with an Android or iOS
smartphone and a data connection to receive f ree incoming calls.

end smartpho ne segments in India is
all set to launch...

Lenovo Yoga Tablet 8, Yoga Tablet 10
Yo ga Tablet 8 and Yo ga Tablet 10
with 8 -inch and 10 -inch display

RF device makers benef it f rom LTE equipment biding

respectively are so ld at the prices o f

18 ho urs ago

Rs. 22,9 9 9 and Rs....

Tele.OFweek.com: China Mobile and China Telecom have completed LT E
primary equipment bidding f rom which the RF device manuf acturers will
benef it by making the accessories. Tagf ook recently has received
adequate orders and supplied RF components f or Huawei, Ericsson,etc.

Motorola Make Public Low-cost
Mo to ro la has made public the lo wco st smartpho ne Mo to G which

Bhart i shif t s f ocus in Af rica f rom volume t o value
20 ho urs ago

Sunil Mittal-led Bharti is now f ocusing on the value-oriented strategy,
rather than the volume game that it played to penetrate the market
initially. Af rica was never a volume game, rather it was a relatively higher
average revenue per user (ARPU) market.

o ffers premium features. The Go o gle
subsidiary said it was...

People are Sourcing


Apple purchases PrimeSense f or $345 million
20 ho urs ago

PrimeSense, an Israeli manuf acturer of chips which enables threedimensional (3D) machine vision, has been purchased by Apple with a
price of $345 million.T he acquisition of PrimeSense would be Apple's
second purchase of an Israeli company.

10 G SFP+ Bidi/Bwd

Reminda 50 0 0 mah P

SC-LC 9 /125 SM Du

Fiber Optic Gyro

Spo nge Speakers,B

Lapto p Po wer Bank

Vivendi plans t o split of f SFR by mid-2014
20 ho urs ago

As Vivendi pursues its strategy to rid itself of its troublesome telecoms
assets and f ocus on its media business, the group said it is planning to
split of f SFR, its French telecoms unit, by the middle of 2014.

Airt el seeks migrat ion t o unif ied licence regime on cert ain
condit ions-Report
23 ho urs ago

Bharti Airtel has sought DoT 's approval to migrate f rom Unif ied Access
Service Licence (UASL) to Unif ied Licences (UL) on certain
conditions.Under new licence regime the operators can share spectrum,
participate in mergers and acquisition activity.

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Ericsson a choice f or London Live's dedicat ed TV channel
23 ho urs ago

"Ericsson was a clear choice f or London Live as we gear up f or our
launch in 2014. Ericsson has invaluable experience working with new
entrants to the media and broadcast arena and we have been impressed
by their innovative and competitive services."

Europe approves LTE and 3G net works use aboard
23 ho urs ago

smartphones, tablets, and e-readers can f inally be used during take of f
and landing within Europe, the European Commission (EC) is today giving

airlines permission to deploy 3G and LT E networks on their planes.

Samsung's wraparound display phone in progress
23 ho urs ago

While the Galaxy Round f eatures a gently concave screen and body, the
new phone would f eature a three-sided screen that would allow users to
view messages and other alerts f rom an angle. T he three sides could
also work independently of each other, according to the sources.

BlackBerry is likely t o be sold f or part s
24 ho urs ago

"We now believe a breakup is more likely than an outright sale and
f undamentals will continue to deteriorate over a now-longer public sale
process under new management."BlackBerry plans to exit the consumer
smartphone market and f ocus on selling smartphone services.

Operat ors in Europe Take Baby St eps t o Test LTE-Advanced
24 ho urs ago

T he operators Vodaf one, Telef ónica and EE in Europe have all begun to
test LT E-Advanced, and they are aiming to of f er speeds over 200Mbps.
However, commercial services will have to wait because of a lack of

Hong Kong Government Reassigns 3G Spect rum Amid Fears
of Service Degradat ion
18 No v 20 13,0 9 :57

Hong Kong government would auction of f a third of the 3G spectrum
currently held by each of the city's f our incumbent 3G mobile network
operators in the f ourth quarter next year. Operators express their
disappointment and condemn the degrading service quality.


Android Surpasses iPad t o Dominat e Tablet Market in Q3
18 No v 20 13,0 9 :35

“Android revenue share reached 46.2% in 3Q13, f or the f irst time
exceeding iPad share of 45.6%. Android’s unit share grew to 66.7% f rom
58.5% a year ago, largely driven by Samsung and Lenovo, while iPad
share declined to 29.7% f rom 40.2%.”

Snowden's Scandal Impact s US Tech Firms' Development in
18 No v 20 13,0 9 :0 5

US spying scandal caused a bad impact on US technology companies'
development in China. International Business Machines Corp, Cisco
Systerms Inc and Microsof t Corp and other US tech companies wonld be
mistrusted and f ace new challenges selling their goods and services in China.

Alcat el-Lucent Conf irms Subscript ion Rat io and Timet able
18 No v 20 13,0 8 :43

Alcatel-Lucent conf irmed the subscription ratio and timetable of its
planned capital increase on Friday, and said it would amount to 956.69
million euros ($1.29 billion).T he company conf irmed that the subscription
period would start on November 19 and end on November 29.

Telst ra Makes Cloud Plat f orm Expansion t o Japan and US
16 No v 20 13,11:33

ICT and backbone network service provider Telstra Global announced
T hursday that the company has expanded its cloud and “connected
colocation” services to the US and Japan, and is in the process of
upgrading existing f acilities in Australia.

Alcat el-Lucent t o support China Mobile’s Nat ionwide 4G LTE
Net work
16 No v 20 13,11:11

China Mobile has awarded Alcatel-Lucent 24 percent of its overall EPC
network, making Alcatel-Lucent the primary EPC supplier f or the entire 4G
LT E network. Alcatel-Lucent’s supply of the Evolved Packet Core to China
Mobile underlines the f ocus of T he Shif t Plan.

AT&T Makes It s Fiber Ext ension t o Over 450 Buildings in San
16 No v 20 13,10 :56

AT &T is making its f iber-based network service capabilities available to
more Calif ornia-based businesses by completing the installation of its
f iber to over 450 multi-tenant of f ice buildings throughout the San
Francisco metro area.

TDS Makes Progress in 4 Broadband St imulus Project s in
Wisconsin and Georgia
16 No v 20 13,0 9 :58

T DS Telecom is moving f orward with f our broadband stimulus projects
that will extend service to customers in parts of Georgia and
Wisconsin.For this $1.8 million project, the telco installed 14 miles of f iber
optic cabling and f ive new remote terminal (RT ) cabinets.

Next Round Auct ion f or Spect rum Will Commence on Jan 21
16 No v 20 13,0 9 :42

T he next round of spectrum auction which was scheduled to take place in
the second week of January, will commence on January 21.T he reason
f or the delay is the dif f erence of opinion on the reserve price f or the 800
Mhz band between the telecom department and the T RAI.

Hisense Serves as Aust ralian Open's Of f icial Sponsor and
16 No v 20 13,0 9 :13

Hisense Australia is delighted to announce to serve up an ace as of f icial

sponsor and supplier f or Australia's largest sporting events, the
Australian Open and Australian Open Series tournaments, the Brisbane
International and Apia International Sydney.

Alcat el-Lucent : St rong Buy On Turnaround Concept , Right s
Issue and Pot ent ial Dog Sale
16 No v 20 13,0 8 :58

High volume af ter Alcatel-Lucent's Q3 results pushed the shares up
above $4 at the beginning of the month. Shares are holding up quite well
even af ter announcement of a EUR 955 million ($1.3 billion) rights
of f ering. T he market clearly supports Alcatel-Lucent's f inancing package.

China Mobile t o Promot e VoLTE Commercializat ion
16 No v 20 13,0 8 :44

According to Huang Yuhong, China Mobile is actively promoting VoLT E
commercialization. In November 2013, China Mobile launched wireless
pilot tests. In December 2013, it will f inished the trial and achieved end-toend test at least two cities.

NSN Places Emphasis on Net workinig Expansion
15 No v 20 13,14:36

NSN's chief executive said the company would shif t its f ocus f rom cost
cutting and ditching unprof itable contracts f or margin improvement to
sales expansion. NSN's dicision to place emphasis on high-speed
wireless broadband networks has helped its turnaround.

Kit Kat : One St ep Back, Two St eps Forward f or Android
15 No v 20 13,14:0 6

Google is beginning to roll KitKat out to its own Nexus-branded tablets
and phones, f irst to recent Wi-Fi-only models, then to models that use
cellular data. Meanwhile, an assortment of handsets f rom Sony, HT C,
Samsung, LG and Motorola will eventually be kissed by the Kat.

China Mobile, China Telecom Drag H1 Inf rast ruct ure Capex
15 No v 20 13,11:42

T he Chinese mobile inf rastructure market declined 21 percent to $2 billion
in the f irst half of 2013 compared to the same period a year ago.China
Mobile and China Telecom dragged total Capex (capital spending), while
China Unicom is ahead of its spending plans.

NTT DOCOMO Achieves 1.2Gbps in LTE-A Field Trials
15 No v 20 13,11:35

Japanese telecoms giant NT T DOCOMO has announced that it has
achieved what it claims to be ‘the world’s f irst transmission exceeding
1.2Gbps’, by utilising a single-size antenna and Smart Vertical multiple
input, multiple output (MIMO) technology f or LT E-Advanced systems.












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