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Interim Report for a web-based intelligent tutoring system for banks
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To all SSE students at Al Akhawayn University, with whom it is a pleasure to
work! For the sake of our nation, stay intelligent users of technology, to conserve two
most precious assets: time and money. This Capstone Report presents ideas, concepts,
solutions, and examples from many sources.

I would like to thank all the people within Al Akhawayn University and Crédit du
Maroc who helped and supported me during the past few weeks.
First, I'd like to thank Dr Violetta Cavalli-Sforza. Violetta is an expert Computer Scientist, especially on Tutoring Systems. I am specially grateful for her invaluable feedback
over the fall semester.

Second, I'd like to thank everyone else who gave me their advice. Special thanks
to Redouan Chmali a senior employee at Crédit du Maroc who provided me with the necessary information and assisted me significantly in the requirements engineering
process. His master thesis on the area of bank customer relations was an incredible contribution to the content of the e-banking learning system.

Last but not least, many thanks and kisses for my family: Imane, Zineb, Fatima,
Rabia and Mohamed. I definitely did not have enough time for them due to this project.

El Asmaay Salah eddine

Capstone Project: School of Science and Engineering Al Akhawayn University