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For 2014 our European Affairs practice is offering

Internships with Steltemeier & Rawe in Brussels

During a minimum period of 3 months, you will receive valuable insights into the work of a
public affairs advisory, while developing key competences for the job market.
Your tasks
 Research and analyses of political, economic, and social topics and procedures,
including media coverage.
 Support in developing public affairs strategies and execution.
 Coverage of relevant meetings and conferences.
Our expectations
 Bachelor in political science, EU studies, public administration, law, economics, or related
 Thorough understanding of and pronounced interest in the EU institutions and decisionmaking. General understanding of the German federal system.
 Excellent oral and written English and German. Additional languages would be
considered a plus.
 Strong research and analytical skills.
 Motivation and initiative. Independent and diligent work, flexibility, willingness to take
 Nationality of EU Member State.
Our offer
 Challenging tasks across a wide range of topics.
 Autonomous role within our team.
 Competitive remuneration.

If you are interested, please submit your application to brussels@steltemeier-rawe.com.
Closing date for applications: 15 December 2013

About us
Founded in 2001, we are problem solvers and the close companion of our clients. Although
every challenge is different, no problem is a surprise to us. Dynamic processes, divergent
interests, and complex issues define the environment in which we are active for our clients
every day.
Our office in Brussels ensures our clients’ capacity to act within the interplay of national
markets and European regulation through our distinct level-specific competences. At the
intersection of Member States’ interests and negotiated European solutions our experienced
advisors design strategies across locations and see our clients through to achieving their

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