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Installing Evernote to iOS 7
Document last updated:

October 2013

Document created by::

Students from the University of Limerick, University of Central Florida, and
Université Paris Diderot

Products needed:

Apple iPhone with Apple Store downloading capabilities.

About Evernote
Evernote is a suite of software and services designed for
note-taking and archiving. The app allows you to plan, work,
and research by taking photos, storing information, and
managing documents. The information can easily
synchronize with other compatible electronic devices.


Installing Evernote

Open the iOS 7 app menu (Figure 1.1).


Find the app store symbol, and select it.


Press the search symbol. Type "Evernote" into the address bar
and press Search.
Figure 1.1- Apple
iPhone iOS 7 Main


Find the Evernote app from the list of search results.


Install the application by pressing the tab titled FREE. This is
visible on the upper right hand side of the screen.


Enter your Apple I.D and password to complete the installation


Exit the app store by pressing the home button on your iPhone.


Creating Notes
1. Return to the main menu. Locate the Evernote symbol.

2. Wait for the app to finish downloading; it will be fully
downloaded when it is no longer shaded.
3. Open the new Evernote app by pressing the icon.
4. When the app opens, create a unique username. For
returning users, use your pre-existing username.
5. After you have created your username, create a secure
password using a mixture of upper and lower case letters as
well as numbers.
6. Select Allow when Evernote requests permission to use your
location. This allows the app to record the location in which
you create your notes.
7. Select Allow when Evernote requests permission to your
calendar. This allows the app to record the date on which you
create notes.

8. Press the
symbol on the top right of the screen. This
button allows you to create a new note. The standard Apple
keyboard and an interactive toolbar.


Using the Interactive Toolbar (Figure 1.2)
Figure 1.2 Evernote
interactive toolbar

The Paperclip Tool

Press the Paperclip icon. You will be
presented with a toolbar of icons: a
camera icon, a photo album icon, and a
microphone icon.

The Camera icon allows you to use phone’s camera. If
you select this option, Evernote will ask you for
permission to access the phone’s camera. Press OK to

When you press the icon, you will be given the option to
take pictures in three different formats: post-it-note,
photo, and document.

Take a picture by pressing the shutter icon at the bottom
of the screen. Once you have taken the photo, you can
reselect it by pressing its thumbnail, located in the
bottom left corner of the screen.

The photo will display in full screen mode. If you would
like to add this photo to one of your notes, press the
checkmark on the bottom right of the screen.

If you would like to return to the camera menu, press the
camera icon again. If you would like to delete the image,
press the trash can symbol.


The Photo Album icon allows you to access your
phone’s camera roll.

Once in your phone’s camera roll, select the photo you
would like to use by pressing it. This displays a full
screen version of the photo. You are then prompted with
Use and Cancel icon.

To add the photo to the note that you are working with,
press the Use icon. Select the Cancel icon to return to
the camera roll.

The Microphone icon allows you to use the phone’s
microphone to record audio clips.

Upon pressing this image, Evernote will ask for
permission to access the phone’s microphone. Select
OK to continue.

From this point forward, pressing the icon will allow the
app to instantly begin recording an audio clip.

When you are finished recording the audio clip, press
the Done button near the top of the screen. The audio
will then appear within the note.

Delete files by moving the cursor to the right of the file
and pressing the backspace button.


The List Tool
When you press the List Tool icon, you will be
presented with a number of options that will allow you
to create bulleted and numbered lists, and align text to
the left or right.

Press either
icons to create bulleted and
numbered lists respectively.

If you want to change a bulleted list to a numbered list or
vice versa, place the cursor after the text you desire to
change and select the corresponding symbol.

Once you have organized the text using either bullets or
numbers, you can then align your list to the left or right
by pressing



To remove a bullet or a number, align your text to the left
until it disappears.

The Checklist Tool
The third icon on the toolbar is the Checklist Tool. It is
used for creating checklists. This tool allows you to insert
an interactive checkbox into your note.

Press the icon to create a checkbox.

Press the checkbox to add a tick. Remove the tick by
pressing the checkbox again.


The Formatting Tool
The fourth icon on the toolbar is the Formatting Tool. It
is used when changing the format of the selected text.

To change the format of a certain section of text,
highlight the specific block of text. Press the Formatting
Tool symbol.

You will be prompted with two options to choose from:
Simplify and Plain Text.

Select the desired option and the highlighted text will be
formatted according to your selection.

The Text Style Tool

The fifth icon on the toolbar is for
aligning paragraphs and using text
style tools. Press the Images icon a
toolbar that will allow you to align
paragraphs and use text style tools.


The Text Alignment icons allow you to
align the text to your specifications.

Press the icons as they appear on your device to align your
text to the left, centre or right, respectively.

The Character Editing icons allow
you to edit each character to your

Press the icons to highlight, strike through, underline,
italicise, and apply bold to characters respectively.
All of these editing tools can be used simultaneously, so
press the icon again if you do not intend to use a particular
tool. Once the icon is no longer highlighted, the tool is not in

Note: To save your notes, press the Save icon in the top right


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