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Nom original: Two French men missing in HIMALA PRADESH.pdf
Titre: Message des parents de François-Xavier DAUBIGEON et de Valentin MOUSSET,
Auteur: yves marie mousset

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Message from the parents of François-Xavier DAUBIGEON and Valentin
MOUSSET, two young men missing in India since 08/22/2013
François-Xavier DAUBIGEON is a 21 year old student from Bordeaux (France)
and studies law at the University of Montpellier. Valentin MOUSSET is a 20 year
old student from Vendée (France) and studies political science at the University of
Given there have been no results following search operations on the path FrançoisXavier and Valentin were to take to reach Mon Peak from Triund, and despite the
significant means deployed by Indian Authorities, we are compelled to question
whether our children were the victims of an accidental death or if other scenarios
should not be explored.
We cannot settle on the only and unsuccessful search operations carried out in the
We recently sent a letter to the French Foreign Affairs Minister requesting that
search operations be maintained and that Indian Authorities launch additional
The possibility of an abduction or confinement in spiritual sanctuaries (ashrams) in
Himaschal Pradesh or neighbouring states must be examined. Indeed, we must
take into account that the boys could be voluntarily or involuntarily held in spiritual
We would also like to know how the search operations starting from the beginning
were carried out, obtain minutes of meetings and have Indian Authorities pursue
investigations without dismissing any trail.
The mystery surrounding the disappearance of our sons in the Dhauladar Mountain
raises thousands of questions left unanswered.
We still have slight hope to find them and ask the support of the French
government, Indian Authorities and from all who may provide us with any
information surrounding our children’s’ disappearance.
The 100 000 rupies reward offered in September 2013 still stands.
Let us stay mobilized for François-Xavier and Valentin.

Mr Valentin MOUSSET

Mr François-Xavier Daubigeon

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