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Automation trends for logstics and machine tools in
T his article maily introduces the 2014 automation trend f or material
handling, logistics and machine tools.

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Barrie rs t o hum an re liabilit y


Manuf act uring’s ro le in t he U.S.


Sunday night Fo o t ball sho ws Machine


Windows XP in aut omat ion – t ime f or act ion
T he extended support and availability of security updates f or Microsof t
Windows XP will expire in April 2014.Networked automation components
with Microsof t Windows operating systems are widely used.


Using Mass-Cust o m izat io n in t he …
Age o f

MAC Solut ions t o buy ProcessVue developer

WEG t o inve st $ 34 5 m in Me xico and


Andrew Swallow, who f ounded Asgard in 2007, will become a shareholder
in MAC Solutions which plays a key role in the success of ProcessVue
f rom the very start.

Co m pe t it ive st rat e gie s f o r sm alle r



New Products
Express Logic hires Ken Maxwell t o direct Gui
29 No v 20 13,0 9 :22

Express Logic announced that Ken Maxwell has joined the company as
director of engineering in charge of embedded GUI tool development.

T he emergence of industral robots
Glo bal Ro bo tics market will co ntinue
to gro w due to increased demand
fro m auto mo tive secto r which
acco unts fo r mo re than...

Japan t o join ISA Securit y Compliance Inst it ut e
28 No v 20 13,10 :36

Japan's Control System Security Center announced today that it has
joined the ISA Security Compliance Institute (ISCI) as an Associate

Yokogawa t o provide aut omat ion f or Chevron Phillips
Pet rochemical Project
28 No v 20 13,10 :17

Yokogawa provides automation f or Chevron Phillips Petrochemical
Project,including control systems, saf ety systems, remote instrument
enclosures, and the analyzer shelters and analytical systems.

MicroPower Direct to introduce ME100S
Micro Po wer Direct intro duces
ME10 0 S DC/DC Co nverter,which is
designed to pro vide the wide
selectio n, miniature size, I/O...

EVT to update EyeVision software for
EVT updates EyeVisio n so ftware fo r
bo ttle inspectio n, to check fo r bo ttle
empties, label, filling level o r cap
inspectio n.

Avalue to announce ECM-KA single board
Avalue anno unces ECM-KA single

UK manuf act uring growt h 'st rongest f or 18 years'

bo ard co mputer with a number o f

28 No v 20 13,10 :0 9

main features.

Order books in UK manuf acturing were their strongest since March 1995
with a strongest growth f or 18 years.

People are Sourcing
Complex assemblies: a grey area f or machine saf et y
27 No v 20 13,0 9 :58

Assemblies of machinery or partly completed machinery which, in order to
achieve the same end, are arranged and controlled so that they f unction

as an integral whole.
6 3zyt High To rque

ho t sale new desi

No rth Finder

IR Co ntro ller fo r

Infrared Thermo me

Cable & Wire Heat

CIP Saf et y expends t o include saf e mot ion
27 No v 20 13,0 9 :47

T he next edition of T he CIP Saf ety Specif ication will include services f or
saf e motion applications. With the addition of these services to CIP
Saf ety, users will be able to deploy networked motion control systems.

Is PLM use expect ed t o surge?
27 No v 20 13,0 9 :32

Accenture expands its product lif ecycle management practice with the acquisition of two PLM
consulting and system integration companies in less than one month.

Manuf act uring’s role in t he U.S. economy
26 No v 20 13,10 :16

We’re all aware of how critical manuf acturing has been to the U.S. economy over the past several
decades. Most of us are equally aware that it still plays a huge role. But do you realize how big a role it
still plays?

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Compet it ive st rat egies f or smaller manuf act urers
26 No v 20 13,10 :0 3

To understand how small manuf acturers can ef f ectively compete, consider how a smaller motor
manuf acturer could get its f oot in the door of the $4 billion+ U.S. and Canadian markets, which boast
the highest minimum energy ef f iciency regulations in the world.

WEG t o invest $345m in Mexico and China
26 No v 20 13,0 9 :43

WEG plans to invest $345m in Mexico and China


Barriers t o human reliabilit y
25 No v 20 13,10 :20

Human Reliability is the science of minimizing human error in service of greater saf ety, compliance and,
ultimately, prof itability.

Using Mass-Cust omizat ion in t he Age of Dif f erent iat ed Product s
25 No v 20 13,10 :0 6

Using Mass-Customization will create a new era of dif f erentiated products.

Sunday night Foot ball shows Machine Vision advances
25 No v 20 13,0 9 :54

T he prolif eration of HDT Vs is making industrial machine vision systems
more ef f ective. CMOS sensor advancements provide manuf acturers with
an alternative to CCD-based cameras--and let the NFL deliver near-3D
instant replays.

To buy a compressor and plant a f orest
24 No v 20 13,0 1:22

For every compressor that it sells with built-in energy recovery, Atlas
Copco will donate a f urther ten trees.

Et hernet swit ch wit h built -in mult i-prot ocol iInt egrat ion
23 No v 20 13,11:14

Innovasic’s new f ido5000 real-time embedded Ethernet multi-protocol switch comes with protocol
drivers f or integration with any industrial Ethernet protocol stack.

Social media t o grow in import ance f or B2B purchasers
23 No v 20 13,0 9 :16

Business-to-business (B2B) decision-makers are increasingly using

social media.he survey of 443 people working in American industry
reveals that 25% of them use LinkedIn to gather inf ormation when making
purchasing decisions, compared to 12% in a similar survey in 2011.

Siemens abandons regional clust er st ruct ure
22 No v 20 13,0 9 :32

Siemens has decided to axe the regional cluster organisation implemented by his predecessor and to
return more power to country managers around the world. T he move is intended to “intensif y” Siemens'
access to its customers, and to expand its regional activities.

"Indust rial 4.0" f or Chinese Ent erprises
22 No v 20 13,0 9 :23

"Industrial 4.0" is urgent f or Chinese Enterprises, which to some extent requires Chinese manuf aturing
industry to move f rom "Made in China" to "Created in China".

Online oil monit or gives early warning of gearbox problems
22 No v 20 13,0 9 :20

T he oil monitor uses an inductive particle counter and operates on the
principle that any wear to a component.

Indust rial Int ernet t o boost global GDP by $10–15 t rillion
21 No v 20 13,11:53

T he report says that Industrial Internet could boost global GDP by $10
–15 trillion.It also suggests that time and money are currently being
wasted due to inef f iciencies in how inf ormation is gathered, stored,
accessed and shared.


Free sof t ware brings 3D CAD
21 No v 20 13,11:47

A technique known as "direct modelling"is very dif f erent f rom traditional
f eature and can be used to draw 3D extruded, revolved, and swept

PM t echnology t o save ship-owners €50,000 a mont h
21 No v 20 13,11:40

PM technology will allow vessels to produce electricity more
ef f iciently.T he combination of PM and f requency converter technologies
will allow ship-owners to cut their running costs by up to €50,000 per

Two-armed aut onomous robot can see and f eel
21 No v 20 13,11:31

Unlike conventional industrial robots, the new machine can see and f eel
and is designed to perf orm simple tasks.It can use the same low-cost,
of f -the-shelf tools as human workers, without any modif ications.

8 benef it s of elect ronic work inst ruct ions
20 No v 20 13,10 :38

T here are many benef its to moving f rom paper-based to electronic work instructions (EWIs). When
accounting f or the centralization, standardization and automation capabilities of f ered by today’s
manuf acturing operations management (MOM) sof tware platf orms, those benef its increase
signif icantly.

Bluet oot h and WLANs capt ure 53% of t he wireless market
20 No v 20 13,0 9 :16

More than half of all wireless-enabled industrial automation equipment
shipped in 2012 used either Bluetooth or wireless LAN (WLAN)
technology, and these two standards are set to increase their domination
of the market in the coming years.

of the market in the coming years.

Japan-China joint vent ures will t arget HV drives market
20 No v 20 13,0 9 :0 9

T he Japanese inverter manuf acturer Fuji Electric is f orming two joint ventures in China with the
Shanghai Electric Group (SEC) to produce and sell high-voltage inverters.

China heads f or 40% of global demand f or elect ric mot ors
19 No v 20 13,17:23

China heads f or 40% of global demand f or electric motors and becomes
the f astest-growing market in the Asia-Pacif ic region.

Indust rial aut omat ion
19 No v 20 13,17:12

T he industrial automation market comprises a wide range of equipment used to automate machinery,
equipment and manuf acturing processes.










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