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12-03- 2013 - 08:28

Agression in Vénissieux : The victim is still between life
and death.
This is fate which is the origin of this tragedy overnight between Thursday and Friday.

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According to the Progress newspaper, the young man fell asleep in the subway while returning
from a concert in the Nikasi Café, to his home in the 9th district of Lyon. Thus, he was obliged to
go down from the subway in the Venissieux station where he experienced the wrong meet. He
had asked to his parents to come to pick him up a few minutes before going down.
A band, wanting to extract his credit card with his code, violently aggressed him, even with a
He has been found early on Friday morning in Jean-Gagne in Venissieux then brought to the
hospital in a serious state. He is currently in coma, still between life and death. The investigation
is still in progress.

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