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OFFRE DE STAGE – 6 MOIS à partir de Janvier 2014 –
Possibilité d’extension de stage

LOGOS Public Affairs

is looking to hire a new stagiaire in our
energy and environment team. The position will initially be for six months
(starting in January 2014), with a possibility of extension. During the
stage you will get experience working on public affairs strategies for
diverse private sector clients in the energy and environment sectors. The
salary is competitive especially compared to similar positions in other
Brussels-based consultancies.
The team is relatively small so you will get lots of hands on experience
and be given a good amount of responsibility. There is no official job
advert or specification attached so apologies for that, but day to day
tasks will include monitoring of relevant policies, writing memos for
clients, doing newsletters, identifying relevant stakeholders,
correspondence with policy makers, intelligence gathering, political
analysis, going to events and reporting back.
The company is well established and for the last 15 years has been one of
the most influential Public Affairs consultancies in Brussels. LOGOS has
recently integrated into the MCI group as part of a collaborative
partnership established 5 years ago, which basically means the company has
more services to offer clients at its disposal so is in a good position to
continue to grow in the next few years.
If you are interested, please send a CV and a cover letter (no more than 1
page) to Carlos Ochoa -
There is not strictly a deadline but I would advise you to do it as soon as
Goodbye and good luck.
MA in European Political and Administrative Studies
College of Europe | Collège d'Europe
Promotion Václav Havel 2012-2013
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