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With Legendary Foo Kok Keong and Andrew Chang

Foo Kok Keong is a well known top world class badminton star in the mid 80's to the mid 90's.
He's known for his fighting spirits and beating all top players in his playing days. He was one
of the first player who invented the signature dive defensive shot!
In 1991, Foo Kok Keong became the first Malaysian to reach the number 1 world
ranking since the ranking system is implement by the International Badminton
Federation(BWF) in the 80's. In 1992, Foo Kok Keong and Cheah Soon Kit his team created
history in the Thomas Cup finals! Which is the World Cup in badminton. This feat has been a
record for Malaysia and never yet to be broken after 21 years!
After retiring from the sports in 1994, has been missing in action in the badminton world and the
public eye to venture into business but still keep touch in the game as being an advisor for
professional clubs in Malaysia.
Date of Birth: 8 January 1963
Country: Malaysia
Language: English and Chinese
Highest IBF World Ranking: World Number 1 (1991)
International playing experience: 1982 – 1994
Coaching experience: 19 years
1994 – 2013 (advisor) at Nusa Mahsuri Proessional club , Misbun Sidek's club.
Produced players like Ong Ewe Hock (World number 2), Rashid Sidek (World number 1), Hafiz
Hashim, Roslin Hashim (World number 1), Tan Kim Her, Ong Ewe Hock, Lee Chong Wei (World
number 1) and etc.

Thomas Cup
1994 – Runners up (2nd)
1992 – Champion
1990 – Runner's up (2nd)
1990 – Runner's up (2nd)
1986 – Bronze
Asian Games
1990 – Bronze
1994 – Runner's up (2nd)
World Tournament
1994 – Asian Badminton Championship (Champion)
1991 - Asian Badminton Championship (2nd)
1991 – All England Badminton Championship (2nd)
1991 – Malaysia Open (2nd)
1990 – French Open (Champion)
1990 – Singapore Open (Champion)
1990 - Japan Open (2nd)
1990 – Hong Kong Open (2nd)
1990 – Malaysia Open (2nd)
1988 – Asian Badminton Championship (2nd)
1988 – World Cup (2nd)
1989 – World Grand Prix (2nd)

Andrew Chang is a world-class badminton coach
based in Malaysia – one of the most reputable
countries in the sport. Aside from being an active
coach, he creates online badminton training
resources, such as Sure Fire Badminton Drills.
Andrew had extensive badminton training before
becoming a coach. He has been with the
badminton legends Misbun sidek and Rahman
Sidek, training under the supervision of the
Badminton Association of Malaysia. However,
because of health issues and injuries, he did not
make it to the national team.
Even if he was not accepted into his country’s top
badminton team, he continues to be a great player.
He also added coaching to his credentials, and is
now one of the top coaches in his country, and a
part of the coaching team for Kuala Lumpur.
As a coach, Andrew is well-known for being a keen
observer. He notices all the aspects of each
player’s style, so he is able to immediately identify
their strengths and weaknesses. Also, he knows the
best ways to boost a player’s strengths, so that they
outweigh the weaknesses. His coaching skills
improve with each client he handles because he
treats every case individually.
Whenever he isn’t actively participating in
tournaments, Andrew learns from other coaches by
listening to their techniques, and formulating his
own versions. He compiled the best ideas, including
his own, in Sure Fire Badminton Drills. He puts all
his name and confidence in this work, and
guarantees that all aspiring badminton players will
learn a lot from it.

Dates: TBA (August)
Places: TBA (St-Eustache or
Qc city)
Price: TBA
Training session available: 1
week camp (5 days) MD-FD, 2
week camp (5 days) MD-FD or
both (10 days).
Level of players: Any
Limits of players per week: 25
Training week summary (TBC):
 1st week : 9:00 – 11:00,
13:00-16:00, Monday
through Friday.
 2nd week : 9:00 – 11:00,
13:00-16:00, Monday
through Friday.

 The subscriptions fees

include: - Shuttlecocks
- Court facilities
- Training partners
- 25hrs coaching
- Souvenirs
- Play against the coaches!
 Players are responsible for
their own :

Breakfast, lunches, dinners

 The sessions take place in English

and French.

We invite ALL players of any level to have the opportunity to get one of the
unique coaching experience ever .
-Quality coaching: The coaches will give you deep analysis of your play
(strengths, weaknesses, tips, objectives, technical and physical goals, etc.)
- Week program would cover:
-Technical aspects: (depending on the level of each player) Footwork,
basic, intermediate, advance strokes, deceptions, etc.
- Fitness aspect: cardio, plyometrics, stamina and speed training
- Games: Analysis on games (tactical, strategy and instructions guides in
all 3 disciplines)
-Unique coaching: One on one coaching feedback (detail analysis)
-Souvenirs! : Get autograph by the legends and more! Even tattoos!! Just

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