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Andrew Chang is a world-class badminton coach
based in Malaysia – one of the most reputable
countries in the sport. Aside from being an active
coach, he creates online badminton training
resources, such as Sure Fire Badminton Drills.
Andrew had extensive badminton training before
becoming a coach. He has been with the
badminton legends Misbun sidek and Rahman
Sidek, training under the supervision of the
Badminton Association of Malaysia. However,
because of health issues and injuries, he did not
make it to the national team.
Even if he was not accepted into his country’s top
badminton team, he continues to be a great player.
He also added coaching to his credentials, and is
now one of the top coaches in his country, and a
part of the coaching team for Kuala Lumpur.
As a coach, Andrew is well-known for being a keen
observer. He notices all the aspects of each
player’s style, so he is able to immediately identify
their strengths and weaknesses. Also, he knows the
best ways to boost a player’s strengths, so that they
outweigh the weaknesses. His coaching skills
improve with each client he handles because he
treats every case individually.
Whenever he isn’t actively participating in
tournaments, Andrew learns from other coaches by
listening to their techniques, and formulating his
own versions. He compiled the best ideas, including
his own, in Sure Fire Badminton Drills. He puts all
his name and confidence in this work, and
guarantees that all aspiring badminton players will
learn a lot from it.