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This style is also available with
straight eye prongs that can be
bent to fit thicker prescription

Shown here: Traditional lens
shape for those who prefer
additional coverage


Co-Designed by the shooting industry’s top opticians, the EDGE

Eye Sizes: 63mm, 67mm, 69mm

combines a sleek design with professional optical performance.

Frame color: matte black

• lifetime solder joint warranty

Temples: 140mm cable, 150mm cable, 160mm cable,

• reduced distance between lenses

140mm skull

• adjustable nose bridge and arms for a custom fit

Lens Shapes: EDGE, Traditional

• interchangeable NexPC lenses

Available lens tints: Pale Yellow, Medium Yellow, Orange,

• angular lenses to prevent fogging

Vermillion, Light Purple, Dark Purple, HD Light, HD, Copper
Polarized, ColorMag (CMT)