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- Ah, it works.
- Hello
- Hello Nathalie
- Hello
- Hello Nathalie
- Yes
- Yes, this is Guillaume on the phone
- I'm very fine. Well ?
- We're at the Saint-Sixte's castle
- Yeah
- We call you to know if you feel something, actually
- Ok wait, i'm going to... yeah because i was actually
looking at the ??? of the ghosts, we were setting the
optical fiber at home for Christmas and they are all excited
so we're all partying with them right now. Wait, i'm going to
isolate myself because there are too many of them here.
- I just wanted to say, we're recording right now
- Wait. You're at the castle ?
- Yes, we are
- Wait, then. I need to focus. There is a little chapel
or some kind of little place, isn't it ?
- No
- Are you sure ?
- There are ruined buildings around, we've already been there
and now we are in the castle
- In the castle...
- Next to it in any case
- Hum... so... let me focus on it just a few seconds
- Very well
- There is a room, you have a room, a place quite dilapidated
but really active and it's inside the castle
- In the basement where we were a few minutes ago, there are candles,
we lit some candles, we set up our headquarter down there with camcorders
- Ah, that's good
- Do you see something in the room which might lead us to the room ?
- It's an old place, it's a bit damaged, it's damaged, that is all i can
for now. It overhangs a little... How does the castle look like ?
It's overhanged.
- It overhangs Saint-Sixte, it's above the village
- The most active place in the castle is overhanged
- Overhanged ?
- You can't go upstairs ?
- No
- We can't because the stairs are completely destroyed
- That's it, that's it. Ok, well, it's too bad. Listen, the best thing,
the thing you want to see is underneath
- Yeah
- You got many things there but aren't there small houses outside ?
- Yes, there are ruins
- In the ruins, yeah you have... i don't know what happened there but
there was... i don't know if it's a massacre or... there are many dead
people around. But more in the castle, you will see darker entities
- Downstairs
- You're not scared anyway ?
- No, no, we set up our HQ down there so...
- Ok, that was to tell you that there is a lot of activity

downstairs, but there is around the destroyed places. But i know this
is a meditation place, a place where they probably used to meditate,
a chapel, a place of worship, something where they used to pray,
there is something there. So can you reach that place, i have no idea,
it may be completely destroyed.
- There were indeed two ruined places, maybe this is one of the buildings
we visited earlier. I think it looks like a little chapel.
- This is possible, if i were with you, i would have known for sure but
now all i can see is a completely destroyed place, ruined, with a place
like an old church, like an old chapel, i don't know, but a place of
for sure and you have plenty of ghosts there
- Ok
- Also, you have to feel, well i don't know, you should know, we can feel
we're attracted, there is something
- Yeah it's true, there was some places where we had some feelings
- Yeah but anyway the place is haunted but it's a little cold there
- Yeah, it's cold, it's really cold. There is snow everywhere all aorund
- Ah ok. And you haven't seen any footprints in the ground ou anything ?
- No
- Besides some footprints earlier in the uphill slope
- Looks like there were squatters
- Yeah there were, we saw some packs of cigarettes
- Oh, yeah, that's too bad, and yeah this is tiresome because you can ask
to leave their tracks on a place where there is nothing, you can ask them
to leave a footprint for you. They can do that, this is not complicated
for them.
- Ok, yeah, we will try.
- Yeah, that's nice and there is not much ghosts who will approach the
Besides in the basement you will probably get some stuff... ok ?
- Ok
- We thought we could make a ouija board session as well...
- In the basement.
- You're not afraid to do this down there, are you ?
- No
- Well. Well ok. However go in the other places, the ruins around the
you really have a place full of ghosts, i wonder if there was a massacre
something like that, they did not all die in the same place.
- You know, earlier we performed a short ghost box session in a barn,
well it
looked like a barn, and this is the place where we had the most answers
we could heard it on our first attempt.
Ah, because this is what's coming to me.I can't do much more from here
what's coming to me is a place where they are gathered because there was
massacre where they all died, they are many and they are in distress so
will probably hear some cries for help
- Ok we will see

- So it would be better for us to do the ouija board session in the
basement ?
It will be the most conclusive place ?
- Yes even with your... you have the box ?
- Yeah, we got it
- You should hear some interesting things... maybe a lot of interference
they are many
- Ok, very well
- But you have still some entities who controle a lot of things down
there so
hum... you're staying the whole night ?
- No, no, no, we're not staying, we will be leaving soon
- Ok ok, that's because you can get more if you stay several hours but if
limited on time you have to focus on 2 or 3 places and go all-out but you
catch something even if there will probably be parasites blocking the
- Ok, thank you very much
- A place in the basement where there is hard-packed surface, does is
something to you ?
- Yeah, yeah, this is downstairs
- Ok, well this is where there is the most numbered negative entities
- Yeah, earlier i felt something, well i don't know what it was actually,
when we were in the basement, i said to myself "there are people buried
under our feet"
- Yeah for sure and i'll tell you what, this is a very interesting place
i'm sure there are paths that were not opened or things like that, this
not completely clear... However be careful there are some dangerous
places, this
is not very stable, ok ?
- Very well, thanks a lot, we thank you Nathalie.
- You're welcome, have fun
- Thanks, good night, bye.
- Good night, see you soon
- See you soon

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