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As an introduction, it is important to stress that this booklet is not a rule book, but like its name implies, a practical
guide to be used to help implement the sporting control of Mountain Bike (MTB) races. It should also be considered as
a teaching guide for individuals in charge of training commissaires.
This document was produced mainly to help commissaire trainers from National Federations, whose mission is not
only to provide initial training but also continuing education of National MTB Commissaires.
The guide also serves as a memory aid for commissaires of all levels who wish to review the recommended sporting
control, both the methods used as well as the spirit in which commissaires should approach all the components
related to the organisation of a MTB race.

This guide also utilizes and summarizes the consensus reached at the annual seminars of international MTB
commissaires on how certain situations not specifically covered in the regulations should be handled.
This document has been prepared with the collaboration of the following UCI international commissaires (by responsibility then alphabetic order):
• Main authors: Josée BEDARD and Pierre BLANCHARD
• Summaries of workshops at annual seminars for international MTB commissaires: Heikki DAHLE, Alexander
• Revision of the English translation: Colin CLEWS and Andy McCORD
• Revision of the document’s content: Peter Van den ABEELE, UCI MTB Sports Coordinator
The work of the international commissaires who participated in the production of the Road Guide (by alphabetical
order): Giovanni MERAVIGLIA, Michel RIVIERE and Jacques SABATHIER must also be acknowledged; they have
established the foundation for the production of other guides in the various disciplines of cycling. The current MTB
guide took its inspiration from the first Road Guide not only for its concept but also for its teaching principles. Where
those principles apply equally to both road and MTB they are reproduced in this document. Special thanks should be
addressed also to Kevin MACCUISH.
We would also like to take this opportunity to remind international MTB commissaires of the existence of the UCI Web
service extranet specifically developed for them and containing information and working documents prepared at
the annual seminars. International commissaires are invited to share this material with their national commissaire
colleagues to achieve a greater uniformity of working methods between the continents.