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Hello. I'm a French exchange student in Taïwan. I have to do a report for my civilisation
class about what does young people thinks about Taiwan independency. I would like to
know the Taiwanses people and Chinese people point of view. My goal is to understand why
some wants the independency and others prefers reunification with China.

性别 :

國籍 :



居住地 :




對政治有無興趣 :


爲什麽 :
有無參與政黨 :


什麽政黨 :
你同意台彎獨立嗎 ?



爲什麽 :
你覺得台彎獨立有什麽好的影響 :

你覺得台彎獨立有什麽不好的影響 :

Thank you for answering this questionnaire. I encourage you to send it to more people so I
can have a significant range of answers. I don't know many people from the People's
Republic of China, if you have any friends or relations there, could you please send us my
Please send it back to me at : manon.mouysset@gmail.com
Thank you for your cooperation.
Manon Mouysset

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