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Homelessness in Casablanca .pdf

Nom original: Homelessness in Casablanca.pdf
Titre: Homelessness in Casablanca
Auteur: P

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Homelessness in Casablanca


• What causes that homelessness ?
• What is Its consequences ?
• How can we handle it ?

What causes that homelessness ?
Economy can be a real issue,
however individual factors are also a factor.
Having been in care, or in prison
might be a reason too .
But the biggest reasons are relationship
breakdown (41%) and family issues (28%).

Consequences ?
There is over 1 million beggars in
Casablanca, homelessness damages people’s
self-esteem, what makes them steel
causes drug dependency, mental illness and
development of behavioral problems what
can be dangerous for them and us.

Solutions ?
All homeless morrocans require adequate
Housing, and enough money to live
with, so we need to donate
to charities and the government has to
create homes for beggars and afford
them money for their need.

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