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To  General  Paul  Kagame  
The  President  of  the  Republic  of  Rwanda  
Urugwiro  Village  
May  21,  2010  
Mr.  President,  
I  am  not  sure  if  this  letter  will  land  into  the  hands  of  the  proper  addressee,  but  I  just  trust  this  
channel  to  join  mine  to  millions  of  desperate  voices.    
Co-­‐founder  and  former  Managing  Editor  of  Umuseso,  I  was  appalled  and  stunned  to  learn  that  
Rwanda  judicial  system  is  to  ban  definitely  this  weekly.  To  my  knowledge  no  Umuseso's  
journalist  has  EVER  had  political  ambitions,  despite  all  kind  of  fabrications  that  people  have  
been  trading  in  order  to  gain  favors  from  you.  In  spite  of  financial  hardships,  Umuseso  young  
leaders  and  courageous  reporters  are  known  for  resisting  corruption.  The  moment  we  were  
gearing  for  10  years  anniversary  of  these  exceptional  efforts,  the  bad  news  is  spreading  in  the  
World  that  the  ONLY  INDEPENDENT  NEWSPAPER  is  being  shut  down  ON  THE  ORDER  OF  
GENERAL  KAGAME.            
Mr.  President,    
you  fought  for  people's  freedoms,  and  many  of  us  have  contributed  to  that  according  to  
everyone's  means.  We  have  lost  dozens  of  our  fellow  journalists  to  the  extremist  militias'  hand,  
brutes  who  would  not  hear  a  different  voice  than  the  President's.  We  hoped  we  survived  to  
enjoy  the  new  era  of  shared  happiness,  but  I  think  this  has  become  a  nightmare  for  millions  of  
Rwandans,  and  the  disturbing  reality  is  that  intolerance  has  been  but  increasing.        
Mr.  President,  Umuseso  newspaper  has  done  a  tremendous  work  as  regards  the  
democratization  of  speech  in  our  country.  There  have  been  mistakes,  yes.  But,  the  newspaper  is  
not  as  harmful  as  what  corrupt  advisers  attempt  to  make  you  believe.  Mr.  President,  I  once  
asked  you  to  use  King  Salomon's  wisdom  to  solve  problems,  but  your  advisers  then  interpreted  
it  as  an  insult.  I  was  sent  to  jail  for  that.  I  will  be  a  recidivist  today:  Please  use  Salomon's  
wisdom,  free  Umuseso  and  other  media  for  the  sake  of  people's  freedoms.  Medias  have  no  
guns,  they  have  no  grenades,  they  only  have  views  and  report  people's  jeremiads.      
I  thank  you,  Mr.  President.  
Ismail  Mbonigaba  

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