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Imam Ja’far Al Sadiq (a.s) said:
“If anyone from our Shia and devotees does not have the book of Sulaym
ibn Qays al Hilali, then he does not have any of our things, and he does not
know any of our matters.
This is the first book of Shia and is one of the secrets of Ale-Muhammad
Wa Sallallahu ‘Ala Muhammad Wa Alahit Tayyabin al Muntakhabin
And May Allah shower his blessings on the Holy Prophet (SAW) and his
holy progeny who are pure and chosen ones.
It is believed that Fazile Muhaddith Shaykh Shehr Ashoob Assarawi al
Mazindarani, who was one of the greatest Ulamah in 565 A.H. has narrated
that he read the hand written book of Sulaym ibn Qays Al Hilali to Raise
Afif Abul Baqa Hibatullah ibn Nama ibn Ali ibn Hamdun (RA), in his
house, in Hilla-e-Jamein in Jamadi au Awwal, 565 A.H.
Raise Afif Abul Baqa Hibatullah said that he read this book in front of
Shaykh Amin Alim Abu Abdillah Al-Husayn ibn Ahmed ibn Tahal alMiqdadi al-Mujawir in Mashhad of Amirul Mumineen (AS) in 520 A.H. He
was informed of the book of Sheikh Mufid Abu Ali al-Hasan ibn
Muhammad at-Tusi (RA), in Rajab 490 A.H., who had been informed by his
Readers interested in tracing the chain of narrators leading to Umar ibn
Uzayna are requested to refer to the book of Sulaym in Arabic.
Umar ibn Uzayna said: “I was called by Aban ibn Ayyash a month before he