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died and he told me that he saw a dream the night before that he was soon
going to die. Then he saw me and he was pleased to see me, and the night
after that he saw Sulaym ibn Qays Hilali in his dream. Sulaym said to Abad:
“O Aban you are going to die in these days. Fear God as far as my amanat
(that which is held in custody for safe keeping) is concerned, and you do not
destroy it and what you promised to hide, fulfill it. And only give it to that
person who loves Ali (AS) and has Deen and reputation.”
Aban then said that when he saw me he was very pleased and remembered
the dream that he had about Sulaym ibn Qays.
He (Aban) said: “When Hajjaj ibn Yusuf came he asked for Sulaym ibn
Qays. Sulaym ran away and he came to my house. I have not seen anyone
except Sulaym who had such a concern for his reputation and Sulaym
always performed best deeds and feared God very much. He did not like to
mingle with everybody, he preferred to remain isolated. He did not like to be
famous and found publicity bad. I was 14 years at the time and had
completed reciting Quran. I used to question him and he used to tell me
about Ahlulbayt.
I have heard a lot of ahadith from Sulaym which he narrated from Umar ibn
Abi Salmah, who was the son of Janabe Umme Salmah, the lady who was
one of the wives of the Holy Prophet (SAW).
Sulaym also narrated to me ahadith from Ma’az ibn Jabal (a companion of
the Holy Prophet (SAW), and also from Salman Farsi who narrated from
Abu Talib (AS), and Abu Dhar, Miqdad, Ammar, Bara ibn Adhib. Then
Sulaym requested me to keep these ahadith to myself but he did not take an
oath from me in this matter.
Then after a few days Sulaym passed away. He called me and, in private, he
said to me: “O Aban I have spent a lot of time with you and I did not see
anything in you which I did not like. I have some books that I have heard
from authentic narrators and I have written them with my own hands. These
books contain a lot of ahadith that I do not want you to let people know
because they will deny them and will be surprised, although they are all true
and that I have heard them from people who are trustworthy. Possess
knowledge about Jurisprudence who do not tell lies and who do good deeds
only and who have narrated from Ali ibn Abi Talib (AS) and Salman Farsi,
Abu Dhar Gaffari, Miqdad ibn Aswad (RA).