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And when I heard a hadith from one person I also asked another person
regarding the same hadith until all of them agreed the same to be true. Then
I accepted the hadith. There are certain things that I have not heard from
people who never lied, and when I fell ill, I thought I should burn them but
fearing that to be a sin, I did not want to burn them. If you promise me and
take an oath that you will not show it to anyone except those whom you
believe to be as trustworthy as yourself. If you face an incident then you will
give it to someone from the Shia of Ali ibn Abi Talib (AS) whom you trust
and who is religious and reputable.”.”
Aban continued: “I promised Sulaym, so Sulaym gave me everything and
also read them all to me and after a few days Sulaym (RA) passed away.
After sulaym died I read the ahadith and had confidence in them to be true
and found them to be of the highest degree because they contained
annihilation of the whole Ummah of the Holy Prophet (SAW), be they from
Muhajireen, Ansar or Tabeiin except Ali ibn Abi Talib (AS) and his
Ahlulbaty (AS) and their Shia.
Then I came to Basra and the first person that I met was Hasan ibn Abul
Hasan Basari, who at the time was hiding from Hajjaj ibn Yusuf. Hasan ibn
Abul Hasan Basari used to declare himself as one of the very devoted shia of
those times of Ali ibn Abi Talib (AS) and used to show regret that he could
not participate and help Ali (AS) in the Battle of Jamal, so I met him alone in
the east part of the house of Abu Khalifa Al Hajjaj ibn Abu Itab Ad-Delami
and read the ahadith that Sulaym had given me. Hasan cried and siad:
“Whatever is in these ahadith is true. I have myself heard them from the
trustworth shia of Ali (AS) and also from others.”
I went for Hajj in that year and after that I went to see Hadhrat Ali ibnul
Husayn (AS). At that time Abu Tufayl Aamil ibn Waasila, a companion of
the Holy Prophet (SAW) was with him and Abu Tufayl was amongst the best
of companions of Ali (AS). Umar ibn Abi Salmah, the son of Janabe Umme
Salmah was also there. I presented these ahadith to him (Umar), Abu Tufayl
and Hadhrat Ali Ibnul Husain (AS) for three days and also at night Umar and
Abu Tufaul used to come to Hadhrat Ali ibnul Husain’s (AS) house to listen.
I read for three days and also at night. So Hadhrat Ali (AS) told me “Sulaym
(RA) has said truth. These are all our ahadith which we know.” Abu Tufayl
and Umar ibn Abi Salmah said: “We have heard these ahadith from Ali (AS)