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and also from Salman, Abu Dhar and Miqdad.”
I said to Hadhrat Ali ibnul Husain (AS): “May I be sacrificed for you, there
are certain matters mentioned in these ahadith that make my chest feel
tightened because there is destruction of the Ummah of the Holy Prophet
(SAW) be they Muhajireen, Ansar or Tabe’iin, except for your Ahlulbayt and
your Shia.”
Alayhissalam said: “O brother of Abul Qays, do you not know that the Holy
Prophet (SAW) has said: “The example of my Ahlulbayt in my Ummah is
like the example of the boat of Noah (AS) in his community. Those who
embarked the boat were saved and those who refused drowned. And it is like
the door of Hittah in Bani Israel.”
I said: “Yes, I know.”
Ali ibn Husain (AS) asked: “Who told you this hadith?”
I replied: “I have heard this hadith from more than 100 fuqaha.” Ali ibnul
Husain (AS) asked: “From which people?” I replied: “From Hanash ibnil
Mo’atamar, who said he had heard it from Abu Dhar when Abu Dhar was in
Ka’abah and he was holding the chains of the door of Ka’abah and was
loudly saying this hadith that he had heard from the Holy Prophet (SAW).”
He asked: “Who else from?” I replied: “From Hasan ibn Abu Hasan Basari
who had heard from Abu Dhar, Miqdad and from Ali ibn Abi Talib (AS).”
He asked: “And who else from?” I replied: “From Sa’eed ibnul Musayyib
and Al-Qamah ibn Qays and Abu Dhabiyan Al-Jambi, and Abdul Rahman
ibn Abi Layla, and these were all in Hajj. they informed that they had heard
from Abu Dhar.”
Abu Tufayl and Umar Abi Salmah said: “By God, we have heard it from
Abu Dhar and Ali ibn Abi Talib (AS), Salman Farsi and Miqdad.”
After that Umar Abi Salmah said: “By God, I have heard it from some one
who is better than all these. I have heard it from the Holy Prophet (SAW)
himself. My two ears head it and my heart has remembered it.”
Aban continued: “Ali ibnul Husain (AS) turned to me and asked: “Does this
one hadith not contain all those things that have frightened you, and with all
these hadith there is a burden in your heart? O brother, fear God. If the