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matter is clear for you then accept it, otherwise keep quiet, you will be safe
and leave its knowledge to Allah, because then you will have broad space, a
space which is between the sky and the earth.”
Aban said: “I asked him concerning all those matters about which I knewe
and about which I did not know. He replied to me what he wanted. After that
I met Abu Tufayl in his house and he informed me about Raja‘at, the Raja’at
of those who were related to the people of Badr, and Salman, Abu Dhar and
Miqdad and Ubay bin Ka’aab.”
Then Abu Tufayl said: “I presented what I had heard about these people to
Ali ibn Abi Talib (AS) in Kufa, so he said: “This is a special knowledge. If
the Ummah does know it, it does not matter, and leave this knowledge to
Allah.” Then he confirmed what I had been told about Raja’at was true and
also recited verses from Quran relating to Raja’at and also gave satisfying
commentary of the verses until I came to a stage where I believe in the Day
of Judgment but I believe in Raja’at more.
Among the things that I had spoken to Ali (AS) I also asked: “O Amirul
Mumineen, please inform me on the Fountain of the Holy Prophet (SAW). Is
it in this world or the Hereafter?” He said: “Yes, it is in this world.” I said:
“Who will be the one to turn people away from it?” He replied: “I will turn
people away with my these hands. My friends will come near the Fountain
and my enemies will be turned away from it.” I asked: “O Amirul
Mumineen, when Allah says: ’And when the word shall come to pass against
them, We shall bring forth for them a creature from the earth that shall
wound them,’ (Surah Naml: 82)
Can you explain the meaning of Daabba?” He said: “O Abu Tufayl, You
leave it?” I said: “O Amirul Mumineen, may I be sacrificed for you, please
tell me.” He said: “This will be a creature that will be eating, coming and
going to markets, marrying women.” So I asked: “O Amirul Mumineen, who
will that be?” He said: “He is a person for whom the earth has remained
established. He is a person for whom the earth is at peace.” I asked: “Who is
this person?” He said: “He is the person who is sidique, farooq, raaise, and
Zukam.” I asked: “But who is he?” He replied: “He is the one whom Allah
has: ‘and a witness from him recites it. (Surah Hud: 17)
And that person who has completed knowledge of the Book ‘and whoever
has knowledge of the Book (Surah Ra’d: 43)