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And he who has brought the truth ‘and he who brings the truth and he who
accepts it as the truth. (Surah Zumar: 33)
And the one who confirmed it, and the one who confirmed it is myself. At
that time except for him who brought truth, and myself, all were infidels.”
I (Tufayl) said: “O Amirul Mumineen, tell me his name.” He said: “I have
told you his name.”
O Abu Tufayl, By God, if I tell all Shia who, in war, are with me and who
have obeyed me, and call me Amirul Mumineed and have accepted it to be
lawful to fight along with me against my enemies, if I keep telling them for
months, the truth that I know from the Book which Archangel Jibra’eel
brought to the Holy Prophet (SAW), then these people will go away from
me, until I will be lieft in a very small group of people who believe in truth,
like you and a few Shias like you.”
Tufayl said: “I was frightened and said: “O Amirul Mumineen, will I, and
people like myself turn away from you, or will they remain firmly with
you?” He said: “No, No, you will remain firmly with me.”
Then he turned towards me and said: “Our matters are very tough and
difficult. Only three types of Allah’s creation can accept them. Either an
angel, who is extremely close to Allah or Prophets of high rank or those
human beings whom Allah has tested.”

Hadith No. 1
Sulaym says: “I heard Salman al-Farsi saying: “I was sitting with the Holy
Prophet (SAW) while he was in that period of illness in which he passed
away. Lady Fatimah (AS) entered and when she saw the weak state of the
Holy Prophet’s (SAW) health, she got into the state of crying until tears
started rolling down her cheeks. The Holy Prophet (SAW) asked: “Why are
you crying?” She replied “O Prophet of Allah after your death I am scared of
destruction of myself and my children.” The Holy Prophet (SAW) with his
eyes full of tears, said: “Oh Fatimah don’t you know? We are people of that
household which Allah has chosen for the hereafter instead of this world and
He ordained it necessary for all beings to be destroyed. And Allah Tabarak
wa T’ala looked at the entire beings that He created and He selected me and