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made me a Nabi and a Rasul. Then He looked again and He chose your
husband and commanded me to marry you to him and make him my caliph
of my Ummah. So your father is the best amongst all Prophets and
Messengers and your husband is the best amongst viziers and from all my
family you are the first one to meet me. Then He looked for the third time,
and He chose you and chose 11 men from your children and the children of
my brother who is your husband.
So Oh Fatimah, you are the leader of the women of Paradise and both your
sons (Al Hassan and Al Husain (AS) are the the leaders of the youths of
Paradise, and myself and my brother and the 11 Imams who are my
successors till the Day of Judgment are all Guides, and are themselves
Guided. After my brother, amongst all the successors the first one is Hasan,
then second is Husayn, after whom the nine are from Husayn’s children. All
of us will be in one place in the Paradise and there will not be any place
nearer to Allah than my place.
After my place there will be the place of Hadhrat Ibrahim (AS) and his
children. Oh daughter, don’t you know that Allah has given you the status
that you have been married to the one who is the best amongst my Ummah
and the best that my whole household. He is the first one in Islam, possesses
most control over anger that everyone else, is the most knowledgeable and is
most prestigious than anyone else and is the most truthful in tongue, is the
bravest in heart, most generous in hand and is the least attached to this world
and is the best in action.
After the Holy Prophet (SAW) told the above to Lady Fatimah (AS) she was
pleased and became happy.
Then the Holy Prophet (SAW) said to Fatimah: “Ali has 8 very shinning
wonders and he has such metirs that no other human being possessed.
He has faith in Allah and His Prophet.
There was no one from my Ummah who came forward to accept faith before
He had knowledge about Allah’s Book and my Sunnah and there is no one in
my Ummah, except your husband, who knows absolutely all my knowledge
because Allah has given me such a knowledge that except myself and him