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(Ali) no one else knows.
He (Allah) has not given this knowledge to Angels of messengers- He has
given the knowledge only to me. He commanded me to give that knowledge
to Hadhrat Ali so I did that.
Then there is no one in my Ummah who has all my knowledge.
Understanding and Jurisprudence except Ali. O Fatimah you are his wife, his
two sons Hasan and Husayn are my grandchildren and they are also the
chosen ones of my Ummah. Only Ali is the one to do the command to do
good and forbid evil. Allah the Exahlted and Praised has bestowed him with
knowledge of wisdom, and the final decision.
Oh my daughter, no doubt, we are the people of that house whom Allah has
bestowed seven such merits that He has not given to anyone from the
beginning to the end.
I am the leader of all Prophets and Messengers and am better than them.
My successor is better that all successors.
My vizier, after me is better than all viziers.
And my martyr is better than all martyrs and his is my uncle.” (I.e. Hadrat
Lady Fatimah enquired: “Oh Prophet of Allah is he the best of martyrs from
those who accompanied you in wars?”
The Holy Prophet replied: “No, he is the leader of martyrs from beginning to
end, except Prophets and their successors. Ja’afer ibn Abi Talib who
migrated twice, who was martyred, has been given two wings by Allah and
with his two wings he flies with Angels in Paradise.
Hasan and Husayn, who are you children, are Sibt of Ummah and they are
leaders of the youths of Paradise. By Him who has control of my life, The
Guide of this Ummah is from us, who will fill the earth with as much peace
and justice as there will be oppression on this earth.”
Lady Fatimah asked: “Oh Prophet of Allah, from all the names that you have