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FE Club has the pleasure to present its first event:
“Questions by M1 students… Answered by MSc students”
Find out your MSc mentors

Mergers & Acquisitions (room 407)
Amélie Scaramozzino is currently pursing her MSc in Corporate Finance. During her
gap year, she acquired her first M&A experience in Deloitte through a 6-month
internship and kept working on it for another 6 months in BNP Paribas. Her gap year had
been perfectly completed by a 3-month summer internship in Goldman Sachs, where she
learned more about equity research in a pharma & biotech team.

Othmane Lamrini (no biography)

Audit & Management control (room 410)

Justine Rebierre-Rose is currently M2 student in Corporate Finance. She worked in
PwC as an auditor intern over 6 months and diversified her gap year by working at UBS
Wealth Management in Luxembourg, where she gained extended experience in Business
development and business management.

Mathieu Evareare (no biography)

Structured finance (room 432)
Nicolas Doche, M2 student in Corporate Finance, worked initially as an auditor in
nature sources & energy team in Ernst & Young, where he gained fundamental
experience in Oil & Gas field. He spent the next 6 months in BNP Paribas dealing with
structured finance issues specialized in Oil & Gas area.

Stephane Cordahi, M2 student in Corporate Finance, worked initially as an equity
analyst for 2 months in Ennismore Fund management in London. He spent the next 11
months in Deutsche Bank in Frankfurt by completing 2 different internships: one in
structured finance area, specializing in Trade & Export issues; other in corporate banking
area, dealing with acquisition financing.

Jean-Pierre Rizzi, student in Corporate Finance, had got already experience in
structured finance field; he decided to keep improving skills in this area during gap year
by working as a structured finance analyst for 7 months in Orange, where he dealt with
securitization issues of the French telecom giant. He spent the next 8 months in Crédit
Agricole CIB as a rating advisory analyst, handling sector research and financial analyses
of target companies. (Skype session)

Asset management, Risk management & Private Banking (room 405)

Marie-Benedicte Guignan, M2 student in Corporate Finance, got her first
experience in Meeschaert through a one-year internship. As an assistant of fixed
income manager, she dealt with monetary funds and controlled the allocation of
investments. After that, she worked as a sales intern in Barclays, specializing in
credit area.

Sales & Trading (room 431)

Pierre Haberer, majoring in Financial Market, acquired his first experience in
institutional credit sales through an 8-month internship in Barclays Capital in Paris. He
continuously improved his skills in asset management and credit sales through a 3-month
summer internship fulfilled in Barclays London.

David Chreng, student in Financial Market, served as an analyst in L’Oreal, where he
performed analysis and assessment of macro-economic for the company. Also, he
acquired experience in audit through a 6-month internship in financial services industry
department, where he dealt with issues of big financial institutions. He spent the last 3
months of his gap year in Barclays IB department, worked as a summer analyst in fixed

Olivier Primout, currently M2 student in Financial Market, got his first experience in Natixis, working as an
assistant of STIR & Fx Swap trader. During his gap year, he worked for 6 months in BNP Paribas as a sales
intern of structured product and spent another 8 months in BNP New York office, where he strengthened skills
in structured products area.


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