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This application allows you to access your Dropbox on the
go, search your files, send them to your friends, and even
take photos and videos that sync instantly online and across

Viewing Files
Now you can view files that are in your
Dropbox right on your Android device.
Need to review a slide deck but don’t have
your computer with you? Dropbox has you
covered. Want to read a report that
someone at work just
shared with you? No
listen to music or
watch videos that are
Dropbox? That works

Sharing Files
Sharing files with people from the Android application
couldn’t be simpler. Email a link to the file or share it using
any Android application on your device, including text

Photo/Video Uploads
Launch your phone’s built-in camera
while running Dropbox and your
photos and videos will upload to your
Dropbox instantly. When you use this
feature together with Dropbox shared
folders, these files are synced to your

Android Flexibility
Open the files in your Dropbox using
any of the thousands of available applications from the
Android Market, view movies and audio with Android’s media
player, or edit a document with the built-in text editor. With
the Dropbox Android application, all of Android’s many
features work seamlessly with the syncing, backup, and
sharing power of Dropbox.

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